On September 1, Shimadzu Corporation will release updated mid-range UV-VIS spectrophotometers, core models in their UV-VIS spectrophotometer line. The release includes two models, the UV-2600, which includes one monochromator, and the UV-2700, which features two monochromators connected in series. UV-VIS spectrophotometers shine UV or visible light onto liquid or solid samples, and then measure the level of absorption to determine the content level of constituent substances. The new models feature a newly designed optical system that allowed making the system smaller.
In addition, by attaching an optional integrating sphere, the wavelength measurement range of the UV-2600 can be extended from 220 nm to 1,400 nm, which includes the near-infrared region. By redesigning the optical system and eliminating the transformer from the electrical system, the instrument footprint is about 28 % smaller than previous models without reducing the sample compartment size, making it the smallest instrument available in its class (Instrument size: 450 W A— 600 D A— 230 H mm).
The low stray light level enables measuring high absorption levels in samples with light transmittance as low as 0.000001 % or 8 Abs. Installing an integrating sphere, which includes two newly developed detectors (PMT and InGaAs), in the UV-2600 extends the wavelength measurement range into the near-infrared region: 220 to 1400 nm. Systems are equipped standard with newly developed instrument validation software that offers significantly improved functionality for verifying instrument performance and recording results. Shimadzu has been engaged in manufacturing and selling UV-VIS spectrophotometers for more than half a century, first developing and marketing a photoelectric spectrophotometer in Japan in 1952. Sea cual sea el tipo de pesca que practiques o en cada paseo en tu embarcacion, es importante contar con la proteccion adecuada para tu piel contra los danos que puede sufrir por el sol y los rayos UV. Este Buff es de la linea Angler Collection, con caracteristicas especificas para la practica de la pesca que no se encuentra en los modelos normales.

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They are used for research and quality control in a wide range of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, food products, chemicals, environment, and life sciences. Compared to previous Shimadzu models, the new systems feature a 28 % smaller footprint, which makes them the most compact UV-VIS spectrophotometers in their class. Consequently, Shimadzu anticipates expanded sales resulting from an increase in market competitiveness. In spite of its compact size, the sample compartment remains the same size as before, so it can still easily handle the measurement of large samples.
Typically, spectral measurements from 900 nm to near 1300 nm are required for measuring materials such as anti-reflective films for solar cells or polycrystalline silicon wafers. This helps perform routine tasks more easily, such as daily and periodic instrument inspections, and ensures instrument performance inspections specified in Japanese and European pharmacopoeia* can be performed easily. Currently, Shimadzu sells about 6,000 systems per year worldwide, ranging from value-oriented models to high-end models.

By using Shimadzua€™s proprietary Lo-Ray-Ligh low stray light diffraction gratings and an improved electrical system design, these models offer the lowest stray light levels of any other mid-range UV-VIS spectrophotometers currently available. The systems also consume less power a€“ about 10 % or 20 VA lower electrical power consumption than before. It also makes the UV-2700 ideal for evaluating the transmission characteristics of polarizing film used in LCD panels. In Japan, Shimadzu is the leading manufacturer of spectrophotometers, selling 160 mid-range units per year, which accounts for 28 % of the market. In recent years, there has been an increasing need for UV-VIS and near-infrared spectrophotometers in the electrical and optical materials fields to evaluate optical materials in the UV-VIS region, anti-reflective films for solar cells in the near-infrared region, and so on. Furthermore, the UV-2700 is able to measure absorbance levels as high as 8 Abs*, which means it can measure highly concentrated samples with light transmittance levels of only 0.000001 % or film samples with especially low transmission characteristics. In addition to manufacturers of electrical and optical goods, demand is also increasing from manufacturers that supply materials to these fields, and from universities and research institutions conducting research applications. As Shimadzu continues implementing measures to deploy our business globally, we are aiming to capture the highest global market share for UV-VIS spectrophotometers.
These new mid-range UV-VIS spectrophotometers, which feature extendibility into the near-infrared region, were developed and will be released to target such market trends. Shimadzu aims to globally sell about 550 units per year of these new products (in the initial year) to firmly establish the top market share in Japan for mid-range models by 2013 and also aims to surpass the top global market share of 19 %.

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