Figure 1 shows the process flow for carrier wafer processing as it is implemented on the EVG820 lamination system. Advantages of tape punching compared to the cutting technologies (laser and blade cutting) are better edge quality for minimum interference with the bonding and back-grinding process, no carrier edge degradation through cutting blades, almost no wear of the punching module components (punch  and die-plate) and more flexibility in tape dimension and shapes.
Figure 3 shows the debonding process flow for thin wafers temporarily bonded with thermal release adhesive tape or UV-release adhesive tape as implemented on the EVG850DBL automated debonding system for tapes.
Figure 2: The tape punching process enables tailored tape geometry according to the notch specification. This review is very similar to the review that i gave for the flip slid hd when it first came out. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

Dry film adhesive tapes usually consist of a backing foil with adhesive films plus protective liners on both sides. In case that edge trimming of the device wafer is being used, a reduced tape diameter can be used in order that no openly exposed tape interferes with backside processes after thinning. Both adhesive films are debondable, but different debonding mechanisms are used for either side. The wafer notch is punched out simultaneously, which enables full support of the thin wafer in the notch area, while avoiding openly exposed tape around the notch (Figure 2). Aligned lamination enables full support of the thin wafer in the notch area, while avoiding openly exposed tape around the notch. This allows controlled debonding, where the separation between thin device wafer and carrier wafer happens at the interface between device wafer and tape.

The tape is laminated with a controlled process, which avoids gas encapsulation in the interface. The carrier with the laminated adhesive tape is now ready for the temporary bonding process.

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