Offset printing is – in comparison with letterpress printing – an indirect print process, in which the ink is not applied directly from the printing plate to the material which is to be printed (e.g.
The definition and the process of offset printing has been shaped – as is often the case – by different people.
The Czech Alois Senefelder, inventor of the lithography printing technique, was looking for a cost-effective method of copying sheets of music in the 18th century.
In 1904 the American Ira Washington Rubel and the German immigrant Caspar Hermann constructed the first prototypes of offset printing machines independently of each other.
Before printing, a printing plate is created for each printing ink, so there is a total of 4 plates for the 4 colours C-M-Y-K. The actual printing takes place with the aid of three printing cylinders, which are identified in the diagram below with the numbers 4, 5 and 7. After the print process the colour registers (position of the individual colours on top of each other) and the ink application are checked via line testers (strong lenses with three to twelvefold enlargement). With regard to the use of the paper which is to be printed, there is a distinction between sheet-fed offset and web offset.
When considering the development of the past few years it is clear that this type of printing has made a massive contribution to the simplification and speeding up of printing. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
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Advertising in the form of flyers, posters and brochures are commissioned and given out in large numbers every day in our online print shop. He used high pressure forms made of limestone, and he covered the areas which were to be printed with fatty printing-ink and the areas which were to remain free were etched with a slightly acidic solution made from polysaccharide (gum arabic) in the smooth stone surface. They mirrored the indirect printing of the printing plate via a rubber blanket cylinder on the sheet of paper. This means that in the print process a cylinder covered with a rubber blanket is set up between the printing plate and the paper.
The image surfaces, which will later be filled with ink during the printing process or remain free, are placed on one level on the printing plate. The prepared printing plate is stretched on the first cylinder, known as the plate cylinder, and absorbs printing ink from the inking system on the areas which are to be printed.
While this process is suitable for the printing of newspapers, telephone books or catalogues in very high print runs, sheet-fed offset printing is used more for small and medium-sized runs. It would be unthinkable to print newspapers, brochures or flyers produced in large print runs without offset printing. Business cards are shared with other persons during formal introductions as a convenience for connecting again in future. Our Business Cards are highly attractive, formal and most importantly decent and good looking as they represent your company or you as a person. When Hermann returned to Germany in 1907, he developed the first offset printing machine based on his plans, which was presented to the public in Leipzig in 1912. Here the physical basis is the different surface structure, which comes about due to the exposure of the plates. The areas which are not to be printed are moistened with water with the aid of the rollers of the dampening unit, see No.
Business Cards are of various types but most common types include 350GSM  recycled Matte Cover and 500 GSM Business Card. The finishes which change the appearance of Business cards include Glossy, Matte and UV finishes.

We Provide Free shipping in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or all over Australia and New Zealand. I would like to talk about this print process, which we use daily, in detail in today’s article. Unlike the lithography printing process described above, in offset printing the processes are largely automated. Therefore there is a printing plate for each colour, as only the motif is exposed on the plate which is to be printed in the respective colour. From the printing plate the right-reading image is first of all transferred back to front on a rubber blanket, which is fitted on the rubber blanket cylinder. Size of business card is mostly of standard size that is 90mm x 50mm but we also have Mini-Square, Slim and many other custom sizes too.
Special effects prove to be a catalyst for increasing the eye catching design and look of Business Cards.
This discovery was the breakthrough and signified an important milestone in the principle of flat printing. The plates are then inserted into the respective printing unit (matching the colour) in the offset printing machine. Finally the reversed image is once again transferred to the paper the correct way round, which passes between the printing cylinder and the rubber blanket cylinder.
Business cards can be standard or they can also be manufactured using custom sizes, colours, materials and with other custom specifications also as per customer requirement. The printed sheet passes through all 4 units after each other which results in all colours being printed on top of each other.

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