Single or double sided, bottom holder slides up & down the center column with thumb screw. We provide cool roofing solutions to protect your business from the elements and extend the life of your roof. FOAM-LOK’s Thermo-Flex 100% elastomeric coatings also boast the highest return of any roofing solution. Our Metal Cool Roof Restoration process is based on over 30 years of standard-setting excellence. Single-ply roofing membranes are some of the more maintenance-demanding choices for commercial roofing. Our single-ply cool roof restoration process starts with clearing the existing system of chalk, debris, and dirt.
A Superb exterior oil for outdoor furniture, barbeque trolleys, wooden spa baths et al.  A rich oil impregnation with high resilience and ease of application. Outdoor Furniture Oil has the added protection of zinc to help prolong exposure to the suns UV rays while eucalyptus and pine oils protect against mould and mildew. Brief:  A preserving oil formula designed as a maintenance medium for the enhancement of timber’s natural character and guarding against weathering. Composition:   Tung oil,  Linseed stand oil, beeswax, canauba wax, pine oil, eucalyptus oil, isoparafin thinner, zinc, cobalt zirconium lead free drier.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Garland Manufacturing offers a complete line of non-metallic, abrasion resistant material and parts for wastewater treatment plant equipment, including sedimentation and clarifier tanks. Les laboratoires Polytech Health proposent depuis 1 an un nouveau type d’implant mammaire anatomique double-gel recouvert de mousse de polyurethane. Cette implant 4-two® n’a pour but l’augmentation mammaire mais plutot le traitement des poitrines tombantes debutantes (ptose mammaire moderee) sans cicatrice visible.
Les caracteristiques physiques des gels de silicone utilises (gels medicaux fournis par les laboratoires Applied Silicone) sont aussi innovantes. Le fait que ces implants mammaires soient recouverts de mousse de polyurethane permet d’eviter tout risque de rotation et diminue le taux de coques a moins de 1% (cf Augmentation mammaire – Avantages du polyurethane).
Les inconvenients de cet implant sont un toucher legerement plus ferme que les implants classiques (cet effet disparait neanmoins dans les 6 mois qui suivent l’intervention) et leur prix 2 fois superieur.

Nous proposons desormais systematiquement cet implant aux femmes qui souhaitent corriger une ptose debutante (jusqu’a 2 doigts recouverts sous le sillon sous mammaire), sans avoir de cicatrices mammaire verticales ou en T. Notre association de chirurgiens plasticiens a pour but de reunir nos competences afin de vous offrir la meilleure qualite de soins en chirurgie plastique et esthetique ainsi qu'en medecine esthetique.
Nous nous tenons a votre disposition par email pour repondre a toutes vos questions sous 48 heures.
Pour tout renseignement ou prise de rendez-vous merci de contacter nos assistantes au 01 40 26 52 06.
Any artwork submitted must be in either of the following formats: Adobe Illustrator, or 300 dpi Photoshop file. FOAM-LOK creates a monolithic membrane designed to cover virtually any surface, shape, or substrate. The coating acts as a secondary waterproofing solution and reflects UV impact to lower energy costs.
Our Asphalt Cool Roof Restoration process stops further roof deterioration, reduces future maintenance costs, increases energy efficiency, and helps prolong HVAC lifespans.
Metal cool roof restoration highly reduces the effect of rust and weather with over 80 mils of seamless protection. Weather and temperature extremes regularly cause system leakage in many EPDM and CSPE systems.
The application repair seals exposed damage and openings, strengthens the existing membranes, and significantly reduces the deterioration process. Remove any excess oil which has not penetrated after 15 minutes (visible as shiny areas), using a clean, absorbent cloth.  Let dry for 12 hours between coats. Let the remnants dry out and dispose of with your domestic rubbish collection.  Do not crumple soaked rags (otherwise spontaneous combustion may occur).
Use around expansion joints, siding, skylights, doors, windows, flashing, fascia, shingles, and concrete foundations. In primary and secondary WWTP processing applications, UHMW is the best choice for sedimentation and clarifier tank components. En effet, la projection maximale de cet implant anatomique est situee a 25% de sa hauteur (contre 35 % pour des implants anatomiques classiques). En revanche, un gel plus souple est situe au raz du thorax permettant une adaptation parfaite de la prothese aux reliefs de la patiente.

Une memoire de forme amelioree permet de deformer l’implant lors de son insertion par une petite incision a travers l’areole sans abimer sa structure ni risquer de fracturer son gel. It reduces the need for flashing and additional weatherproofing measures by conforming to its target area. With standard maintenance and routine elastomeric re-coatings, FOAM-LOK promises an indefinite life expectancy for your roof.
The restoration process provides a weather-resistant protective coating over the asphalt and extends the life of the roof. We use polyurethane roof sealant to seal seams, fasteners, and exposed openings and adapt to temperature extremes while reducing energy costs. Thermoplastic membranes, such as PVC and CPE, have shown plasticization and UV instability as the membranes age. The blend of tree resin and plant oils ensures a robust finish while the refined beeswax gives a silken depth to the surface.
Provides maximum adhesion to most construction materials including glass, metals, wood, brick, masonry, fiberglass, stone, and plastics.
No other material can match the benefits and long service life in high abrasion and high impact applications.
FOAM-LOK is also Energy Star compliant and limits wind uplift due to its bonding cell structure.
Forms a skin upon exposure to moisture in the air in 2 to 4 hours and is fully cured in 24 to 48 hours. For high grit applications, Garland Manufacturing offers our GarDur brand UHMW in both virgin grade UHMW, as well as UHMW RG, a reprocessed grade of UHMW Polyethylene. Waterproof and resistant to the effects of the sun (ultraviolet and infrared rays), temperature extremes, and atmospheric hydrocarbons.

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