Glow in the Dark Paint" Paint Tubes, come in 1 ounce (1 Oz) Tubes or purchase a Glow Paint applicator tube for easy application and for better storage.
LED "GLOW"FURNITURE Dealers and LED GLOW ACCENT pieces for Bar's, Lounges, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Stages, VIP Sections,and even Home Bars and Businesses. NITESPARX is the World's First Ever LED champagne Bottle Sparkler that works as an Electronic Alternative to the Traditional Champagne Bottle Sparkler. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Nightclubs, Parties, Weddings, Events, Your branding on these LED Foam Sticks will get your name out into the masses and really hype up a party. It is a Very very Bright, Specially engineered LED Strobe Flash Stick with High output LED's that work simultaneously to create an effect very similar to Champagne and Cake Bottle sparklers.

Standard sized eleven inch balloons, these hot neon coloured balloons add a little wow to your party! In other words, in the complete Dark, They GLOW in the DARK, in the Blacklight or UV Light, The are super Bright NEON GLOW! This product has been in the works for over two years and now has finally been released worldwide under specially licensed Distributors.
This effect can be combined with our bubble machines also!Any venue can be transformed for a UV party and we can supply all the equipment as well as UV decor, glow sticks and other products. Order yours today and start saving money on Sparklers, the units are re-usable and work on traditional Bottle Sparkler Clips. Our panels use the latest LED technology that is far brighter and safer than the commonly UV Cannons in use.

Everything you need to create the ultimate UV party.Based in Essex we can offer competitive pricing to all Essex venues and events, and although each party will be different we can supply the right UV equipment for you. Reactive Paints that activate with UV Blacklights and give off a GLOW effect under Blacklight settings.

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