You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Product Removal - As the product is oil based we recommend this product is removed with regular makeup remover. I purchased the UV body paint for a Halloween party it was very effective under the UV light and a great product to apply to the children's face. Reviews are visible to everybody, so please keep your feedback appropriate for all audiences. Tutti gli ordini effettuati dal 12 al 19 agosto saranno evasi a partire da lunedi 22 agosto. Gli UV PAINT sono la nuova generazione di colore in GEL: un ibrido perfetto tra gel e vernice. Pratici come i classici gel colorati perche polimerizzano in lampada, ma IPER PIGMENTATI come una vernice.
I colori a schermo possono variare a seconda del monitor e delle impostazioni dello stesso, per cui potrebbero non corrispondere perfettamente a quelli reali. KB School utilizza cookie propri e di terzi per migliorare la navigazione sul sito e valutare l\'utilizzo dei contenuti al suo interno. Under regular light, this same face design also looks good, with shimmering Metallic and Interferenze colors, and the Kryolan UV colors still look bright, even over a metallic base color. My intention in this class is to give participants an understanding of how to use Kryolan UV, Metallic, and Interferenze Aquacolor makeups for face and bodypainting. A hands-on and very practical class in how to use specialty makeups from basic application and tricks of technique to design concepts like how to get the most out of your metallics, how to make Dayglo designs look good in regular and UV light and how to get the maximum effect with minimal makeup expense — the primary focus is on how to incorporate specialty makeups into regular face and body designs that look good in a variety of settings.

In preparation for the class I painted a model (Jessica), with a variety of techniques to show the range of possibilities, then finished the painting in the class to show application methods and let the participants try the products and paint. Use in combination with regular colors for brighter designs in normal light – makes elements of the design stand out.
This entry was posted in Bodypaintings, Events, Facepainting, Transformation Theory and tagged Blacklight, Blacklight makeup, body art, body painting, bodypainting, christopher agostino, Christopher Agostino's Transformations, dayglo, Dragon, FABAIC, face painting, facepainting, interferenze, Kryolan, Kryolan Aquacolor, Metallic, transformation, UV, Wolf Reicherter. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The UV colors I use most often are Pink, Orange and Green — because these three also look very bright and wonderful under white light so can really add color to any design. The same color can come in both types: there is a Metallic Silver (which looks very much like real silver metal) and an Interferenze Silver (which has a more pearlized appearance), for example. Photographing a UV painting is hard, and we had limited time to try before vacating the Blacklight room, but I did manage to get a few reasonable shots.
EX: UV eyes on eyelids can be seen from across the room • UV green stipple on top can make a spooky or alien face “glow”  •  UV orange over reg. Generally an all UV design doesn’t look as good under normal light – so include other colors too and feature UV elements of design that will pop out under the blacklights. On a digital camera, manually set the ASA as high as possible (I shoot at 1600), use a tripod, shoot under full Blacklight (not mixed), No Flash, take lots of shots and then adjust levels on the computer.
Even we I am painting for an event that has Blacklight (such as club or adult party) usually the blacklight is in only part of the space, so the bodypainting needs to look good both ways —under white light and blacklight.

I include here shots of the face and the back, in both regular light and under Blacklight — notice how the face looks completely different under the two different lights, but still works both ways. Christopher’s Trick – I mix UV colors with Metallic Silver or Interferenze Gold to get a makeup that still flouresces under blacklight and also looks glittery under regular light.
The silver on the armor would normally turn fully black under UV light, so I mixed a little UV Blue into it so it would still fluoresce a bit under the blacklight. APPLICATION is a little trickier than regular bright colors, so may need to use more water than usual, or try dabbing with a sponge rather than swipping or using a brush. This is a very different approach than how one would use these UV makeups for a BlackLight Show.
I use a variety of metallics and interferenze for special projects like full bodypaintings. The ones I use most often in my regular facepainting kit are the Metallic Silver and several Interferenze colors: Gold, Copper, Bronze, BG (Blue Green), Strauss Wine, and 838G Electric Ocean Blue.
It has to work both ways because at most events the people you paint will be seen under both types of light, and you want there to be an exciting change as the person you paint moves under Blacklight, because that is part of the fun of Blacklight, the surprise effects.

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