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Gel nail polish is a light-sensitive lacquer that quickly dries to a shiny, indestructible finish under a UV lamp.
After many years in print media and the health spa industry I found a new passion in online media.
Since the French manicure emulates the natural appearance of the nails, they are just too cute. Sns nail, dip powder nails, acrylic nails, powder gel nail, nail design, dipping powder nails, acrylic dipped nails, dip powder nails.
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In the nail salons of Paris, the French manicure is popular as an American cosmetic practice. Apparently, they create an illusion on the onlooker who is perplexed whether you applied nail cosmetics or not.
However, many women also prefer to add their personal touch of original creativity on the traditional design.
Lint free wipes are better than the usual cotton ones because these do not leave threads on the nail.
The usual practice in nail designs with a French manicure is to apply a second coat of nail polish.
Before using the orange stick, consider dipping your nails for some time in warm water, olive oil or milk.

The French manicure is distinctly beautiful in the fact that it emphasizes and beautifies the natural appearance of the mails. Instead, you just make the nail body pink with a shine and give the top end of the nail a white coat. Look up the various images of French manicure nail art designs.  You would get an idea on which color would look best.

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