Dry time – The UV light dries the polish within minutes which means no dry time, no smudging, no dents. Works on natural nails – While you can add length if you choose, Soak-off Gel Polish can be used over a natural nail like traditional polish. You can layer polish on top – If you want to change your color mid-manicure, you can. Cost – Soak-off Gel Polish can only be applied by a professional and the service is more costly than a traditional manicure. Removal – While Sakura offers fill-ins, if you want to change your color, you must completely remove the polish every time. And if you’re in Rhode Island, I suggest you check out the Nail Gallery from Gel Essentialz and book an appointment with Gina Silvestro ASAP.
So how many of you are curious about Soak-off Gel Polish?  Have you tried it?  Tell us about your experience, including which brand you used, in the comments! Sat reading this with my poor old thumbs in tatters again – all my nails peel really badly but the thumbs worst of all and they take soooo long to re-grow. When I first got them put on, my natural nails were so short I had them do extensions with the Bio gel. Thanks for your detailed reply, I like the idea of having something strengthening over the top of my natural nails that could be there til it grows out taking all my nasty flakes with it but I am not sure that bio sculpture is exactly what I am looking for as I don’t want them on permanently.
In my personal experience, and humble opinion, Bios are best on the natural nail, without any extensions.
Nah, I keep my nails pretty short and I actually enjoy changing my polish up about twice a week, or so. The really great thing about the OPI Axxium is that the colors are based on the nail polishes.
Gel nailpolish is something I would love to try one day, once I find a salon that have this service. I have tried Axxium Soak Offs and absolutely loved the fact that my nails looked respectable for a full 2 weeks.
I’d love to try this in a mannequin hands shade, given that you can paint and remove polish over it.
Looking at my very soft, peeling nails, I decided to not apply any polish at all for 2 weeks, but continued to put the SolarOil on them. So it appears that, at least for me, a CND Shellac or UV gel manicure will only happen for special events (like holidays, TV appearances, events) and cannot be worn all of the time. In the meantime, I will be in nail re-cooperation with Qtica’s Cuticle Repair Balm and Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator to regain my length.
I had a similar experience to you, great the first time, with diminishing returns after that. I have not heard anything good about Shellac and my current manicurist has the machine, but does not even offer it due to the complaints she got when she used it upon receiving it. Shellac only tempted me because I’ll never wear acrylic nails again after almost losing my pinky nail in a kickball incident.
Love Shellac … I have them professionally done once per two to three weeks and they stay perfect. I honestly think it’s OK for special events, but make sure you are diligent about applying the SolarOil if not once per day, at least twice. My nails don’t break at all when wearing the polish but once the polish is off my nails are weaker. Suzy, I found that putting cuticle oil on my nails and not polishing them as often right now is helping.
Of course,*pH and original condition* of the nails are different for everyone and you may need some type of adjustment during winter months. Maybe that’s what the problem was because she did use their removal wraps, but the shellac was not lifting and coming off after 10 minutes.
Amanda, another brand is supposed to be sending me this nail polish that is supposed to be like shellac…but without needing the UV light etc. Hi Amber, I worried about the same thing (skin cancer on my hands) and mentioned sunscreen. Hi Shannon – I had my first shellac manicure for my wedding back in October of last year and on our honeymoon I found out the unfortunate way that sunscreen does ruin the shellac manicure. Hi girls i have been reading your comments on shellac as i have had them done twice and i have been worried about the side affects. IMO, shellac is just more damaging to your nails due to how strong of a bond it forms and how long it stays , every bend it makes , your nail goes with it so there is a bit of added stress but nothing like how bad my nails were after having acrylics or gelnails on. I have had the CND Shellac nail manicure done a number of times over the last year and I thought I would do a review on how I find the product to work and the pro's and cons. Shellac is an acrylic gel nail polish that is painted straight onto the nail and dries hard like a fake nail. Ok now, my first mistake was not being smart enough to think "oh hang on, the above is a promo photo, of course it has been photo-shopped" - see the cuticle area of her nail. FYI - I got this colour as it was "coral" looking in the bottle but be warned - it changes in the light, In this light it was nice coral, under different light it was fluro pink!
First off, they do a normal manicure where you go to the wall and pick your colour (there are only a handful to choose from for Shellac at this stage so I usually go with trusty red).
I am a fan of this, as long as you can wear some clear nail polish after you have taken the Shellac off or go back and get it done again straight afterwards This stuff does look really good. At first I was not a fan - the edges peeled up and it didn't last too long but then I realised that it was due to the manicurist not doing a good job, not because the product is poor. I recommend you give it a go at least once if you are curious, just to see if its your thing.

For nails only this will cost between $25 - $35 AUD depending which salon you go to but this is available in 99% of salons worldwide these days.
UPDATE -  I recently read an article that brings a very good point up about the use of the UV lamps used to dry your Shellac Manicure.
FYI - thanks to a lovely reader, I learnt that the old formulation of CND shellac contained a chemical called methylpyrrolidone with is known to cause reproductive toxicity (as in, your baby might come out with 11 toes).
Sorry we coudn't find any images for the keyword: Shipping Gel Uv Nail Gel Nail Art 12 Colour Glitter Uv Gel For Uv JPlease try another search term. I have very short, split nails underneath after years of pulling off the tips and picking at them.(yes - my fault)I replace my sets pretty often- about every 6 weeks!
I pay $70 for a full set of tips with gel french and about $30 for a regular refill and $40 for a refill of pink and the new white line.
Recently- I was switched to a pink and white powder gel that does not need UV light curing- except for the shiny top coat at the very end! I became suspicious of this a few weeks ago when asked what [product I was getting and she first said LCN, then the next time the husband said Queen french pink 999  and then yesterday she said Creative! Anyway- I think I am being scammed and getting acrylic and then a UV gel top coat to "seal the deal!" I'm not so sure! 2 what esactly lasts the longest- the gel already made up in the pot, the "powder" gel that burns, the powder and liquid I am getting now or acrylics?I am so confused! 3) Is there a website that will sell me a kit to do this myself- I already have the UV light and am very adept with my hands- filing, brush,etc and could do this for sure! 2)Both acrylics and gels generally last the same amount of time, but gels do tend to be a bit more flexible.
ExpertiseAnything about manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gel nails,education or becoming an educator. Usually I just slap a coat or two of my favourite polish on top and tough it out until week three. Had considered something like this but hate the feeling of “thick” false nails, do the Bio nails feel thin and natural like your own?
Because they basically built up the layers on a removable form, they looked and felt pretty thick!
I decided never to go with acrylics after seeing the damage done to friend’s nail beds.
If your wearing LPITD, for example, and are having a really obvious grow out you can get a bottle of the polish viola, it’s hidden. When it was launched, I worked at a beauty supply so we all got to be hand models for the education class. A regular polish manicure won’t last on my nails for more than 48 hours without chipping. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. I could finally have polish on my nails sans chipping and polish peeling for more than 3 days and all without having to apply fake nails. While I love the look of newly polished, shiny (unbitten) nails, I didn’t appreciate the faux finish that resulted post acrylics.
I had it done a month ago and removed to weeks and my nails are still damaged look bad from it! If the oil is supposed to hydrate the nails and surrounding area wouldn’t an oil based lotion be better? Actually the last time I had artificial nails was 16 years ago once I saw what they were doing (damaging) to my nails. I loved the fact that I could leave the salon with dry nails and not have to worry about them chipping as fast as regular polish. The CND manicurist told me that sunscreen will ruin your shellac and advised me against it. But they say that your neck and hands show the first signs of aging so it felt weird to not put on sunscreen like normal. Also whenever I have used nail varnish on my nails it always peels off from the edges usually in one piece, or after showering, and whenever I have sunbathed on holiday it has melted or bubbled, should this happen with shellac. I had nice, long nails and did have acrylic for many years and then over 2 years ago, I dumped the acrylics and early this year started the Shellac.
So when I went to get this the first time I had the above image in my head and that is NOT what you get. I don't hold back when I have Shellac on - I do gardening, scrub the bathroom, use my nail to get something out of my teeth - NOTHING makes this stuff chip. If you are not willing to go back and do it over and over, be prepared for some weak nails for a few weeks following the removal of the polish. For me, I did it for a few months running and got over the fad, but writing about it is making me want to get it done again!
The company states that they have reformulated the product and removed this harmful chemical but just be wary of the age of the CND nail polish being used at your salons girls!
I am trusting your expertise.For twenty years I had acrylics and about 5 yrs ago switched to UV gel. I have gone to 3 different salons for this and after initiatlly starting out with pink brisa gel in the pot was switched 4 years ago to "powder gel". The tech does make a ball out of the powder and purple liquid mix and then puts it up to the light she works with to see for a few seconds to heat  and then applies to my nail but still no curing yet tile the end coat. I know making the bead of the gel is tough so maybe there is another option and a site I can order from? I am hoping that you will be able to find a great licensed tech that will be able to help you out.

When you finally soak off the Bio’s will your own nails be nice and strong underneath or are you just planning on sticking with the Bio’s permanently?
But I love that bit of length now, and I love how, no matter how busy I get, my hands always look well-groomed and ready to go. In August, while at Cosmoprof, I received an awesome manicure from CND in Hot Pop Pink (pictured below.) The manicure took just as long as having acrylic nails or wraps put on (an hour) and the result looked just as amazing.
I applied CND’s SolarOil to my cuticles and under the tips of my nails on a daily basis as instructed by the manicurist. In the meantime, I had been sent the complete Red Carpet Manicure LED Starter Kit and as I was about to have my first television appearance, I knew my nails had to look amazing.
She has been featured in Glamour, VOGUE Australia, Woman's World, Nail Pro, SHAPE and on WBRE's PA Live. The manicurist at CND told me that sunscreen cannot get on the nails at all or they would be ruined.
I also had peeling nails starting to occur so we called the commpany and they said to ABSOLUTELY not buff the nails, each time you buff you remove a layer of the nail and so as it grows out and you get more and more applications you are removing a layer everytime so once your nails grow out there ends up being nothing left.
I Wanted to try it before my holiday next week but im spectacle about paying Incase these problems will happen.
She soaked my fingers in acetone and my tips were white .I didnt like what it done to my fingers I had to soak for 15 minutes. I don’t know how anyone keeps their regular mani’s in shape for more than a day ?! You don't have to sit at the weird little bar and wait for everything to dry or be told to "be very careful" when you leave.
Therefore using these lights on your hands is not only exposing you to the risk of cancer but also prematurely aging your hands! Evertime I get the new set and each time I get a filed all the way down refill for a new white line- it does burn and she does have to cure each coat under the UV light. I mean, they’re definitely thicker than my own nails, but given that my naturals are about the thickness and strength of a piece of tissue, that’s a good thing! Yes they are expensive, but well worth it, considering that they contain nutrients to strenghten the natural nail. I am thinking about investing in my own UV lamp and I already bought the axxium starter kit. I remarked to the manicurist just how gorgeous her own nails looked, as they were long and it didn’t even appear to be naturally her own.
My nails had grown a bit during this time and I was excited to go for round two of another CND Shellac at my local salon. So I used the kit, which comes complete with a portable LED light and is a DIY home LED manicure kit.
Then she scrapped my nail and too much nail was coming off it was like she didnt care how much was coming off. My advise would be to put on a waterproof sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going for the manicure and hopefully it will sink into the skin enough that even with the washing hands and massage stuff, it will still protect you. So I plan on staying with the Bio gel until my own nails indicate that it’s not a good thing.
Colors were gorgeous, time was still about 1 hour to complete the manicure and I used their Revitalize cuticle oil daily. When you soak instead of using wraps, the acetone soaks into the nails from both sides and acetone is a powerful defatter and dries nail out.
If that’s not working for you, try using a regular basecoat like CND Stickey or Orly bonder under your Shellac. I would love to use shellac since I messed up my manicure yesterday after 10 minutes of leaving. I have taken this lot off myself with cotton wool and acetone cotton balls and alfoil.It came off very easy .
I work in the dental field so I’m always using my hands and fingernails as tools (gloved of course) My nails look so natural and strong. My manicure lasts about 2 weeks, partly because I get bored with one color quickly and partly due to wear and tear.
I am prone to cracking the sides of my pointer fingers due to a TON of typing for work , and I do not have that problem with the Shellac , but if they are going to bubble or chip towards the ends thats how it happened . Although in saying that, I really do find that either way you do it, your nail is weak and peely afterwards. I went about applying the SolarOil again daily, but this time it only took 3 days for one of my nails to peel and the Shellac to come off. I now had stubs for nails (even shorter than pictured above.) Finally I asked fellow friends in the salon business and fellow bloggers if they experienced the same of gel manicures, and it was a resounding yes. I will say that sometimes it seems like the polish stays better than others , however , the lady at my salon told me that the nails need to be dry and free of lotions or tons of moisture and oil for the shellac , I did my current set RIGHT after doing a deep conditioning treatment on my hair and low and behold , one of my nails peeled off after my shower the next day like it had been dipped in acetone . By day 5, all of my nails were either peeling (the nail itself, not the polish) or breaking.
BUT I find that if I am good about buffing everything , and really make sure to get the ends and sides of my nails covered well ( that is the kicker ) , it lasts just as long , if not longer than when I have it done in the salon.
I have not noticed that my nails have changed texture or anything , and am curious as to the folks that say that their natural nail is flaking , but not the shellac ?

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