OK, those UV lamps at the nail salon that help dry your mani more quickly are admittedly one of our favorite inventions of the entire last century — but the more we learn about UV light exposure and skin cancer, the more nervous we get.
Still, the authors suggest sticking to the conclusions drawn from previous research — when you go in for a mani, bring your own lotion with sunscreen and make sure your technician applies it before putting on that nail art. As previous studies have unmasked the dangers of tanning salons, new research shows that ultra-violet nail lamps may also increase the risk of skin cancer. Though researchers said that exposure to carcinogenesis remains small, frequent exposure could cause damage. For the study, researchers sampled 17 light units from 16 salons that used a wide variety of UV bulbs.
Though the findings show relatively low risks for cancer, researchers suggest that wearing sunscreen on the hands or protective UV-A gloves could help reduce any potential cancer risk and prevent signs of premature skin aging.
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Google Allo Release Date, Features: Roll Out In October Likely, App Promotion In Play Store Begins? The risk is caused by UVA rays emitted by the blacklight, not unlike those of indoor tanning beds. That does not mean, however, that UV lamps should be approached with a completely carefree attitude. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The researchers cited "notable differences" in many of the bulbs and how much UV exposure was imposed on the hands. Lyndsay Shipp of the department of dermatology at Georgia Regents University, in Augusta, and her team said, via Health Day.

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