Before coming in for their first LED Gel Nail Treatments, some clients want to know: What’s the difference between LED and UV Gel Nails? Basically, the difference lies in the gels’ ingredients and the light needed to cure, or dry, it. Our gels are made from a formula designed to respond specifically to LED light wavelengths, which dries the gel in 30 seconds.
The end result a€” base coat, two coats of color plus one top coat a€” looks no thicker than nail polish and stays on your nails for at least 10 days.

I personally like the colors both ways, but be aware of this before deciding what type of lamp to use. Here is a closer look at my transition shot.  It’s a really pretty color combination and is perfect for the upcoming romantic season!
I am obsessed with trying new products, and I am so excited to see that LeChat has come out with a scented gel polish!
Omg just got my nails done at the salon I bought this color and was soooooo happy to get it and try it out as the girl paint my nails I saw the beautiful color then as I keep placing my nails in the uv light it came out peach I was sooo up set to not receive the color I expected which was the light pink my nails total the salon lady thought that was so weird to smh I was about to sell the remaining until I saw this post thank you soooo much for this can I get some pointers on how you got to the pink not the peach color my understanding is I buy a led lamp and put it under the led lamp for 30 seconds ?

Some with UV, some with LED so I can have the pretty peach and the pink, both fading to red and will unify with a stamp. So far it has been subtle enough not to overpower or clash with my body lotion let alone any perfume I may be wearing.

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