With this patented SHELLFIX technology MICRO CELL sets a completely new milestone in the field of nail cosmetics, revolutionising the market. The patented SHELLFIX® POLISH technology is based on a completely unique plasticiser gel formulation, which forms a highly adhesive connection with the nail plate, while SHELLFIX® RESISTANT has a dual polymer resinification characteristic, providing a complete, strong and scratch-proof sealing of the varnished surface. The proven MICRO CELL Repair Complex also helps the nail to retain its natural flexibility, protects the nail plate from drying and the tip from tearing. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily liyangstore can't take your order(s). Return Policy details Buyers can receive a partial refund, and keep the item(s) if they are not as described, or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. My fingernails are naturally pretty strong and grow long, so I like to keep them polished and looking nice.
Cleanse the nails with Gelish Nail Cleanser and a lint-free wipe OR using sterile alcohol wipes.  It’s important to ensure your nails are completely oil-free!
Wipe your nails off with the Gelish Nail Cleanser or sterile alcohol wipes.  (This removes the tackiness). You can repeat steps 11 and 12 to add additional layers of color if you prefer.  To spice things up, try adding a glitter topper like Vegas Nights. So, if I understand correctly, you would put down a base coat layer, then wipe off the tacky layer with alcohol, then put on the sticker and paint the tip? Ah, if you want to use any kind of adhesive guide you do have to wipe the tacky layer just before applying them.

Thanks for your nice tutorial on gel nail polish.There is obviously a lot to know about this. I am just beginning and right away , the brush I purchased from Sally;s did not work well and by the second time it was of no use whatever, where can I buy a reliable brush? Last night I went out and got Red Roses from Sally’s to change things up a bit and it all went horribly wrong.
Other weird thing: once I applied the top coat and cured it, a teeny, little bit of red still came off. If my hands have been immersed in water, how long should I wait before applying a Gelish manicure? You can only use it with polishes that are formulated for LED – some require UV instead. The combination of SHELLFIX GEL POLISH and SHELLFIX RESISTANT gives a virtually indestructible finish, lasting up to 2 weeks. I love the shellac I was getting at the salon, but as you said, the money starts to add up. I’m 51 years old and never had the time, patience or money to take care of my nails, but I love nice nails. I recently bought all I needed to apply gelish polish at home and was shocked that even after curing the polish was tacky. I do base, color (pale pink), white tips and then top coat….will the color and top coat stick? And if you wipe the base coat with alcohol, and apply the French sticky guides, will the pale pink color cure since it won’t be tacky?

Your Gelish tutorials and swatches are extremely helpful for those of us wanting to save a little money and do SOGs at home. If you wipe a cured layer of color some of the color will come off, but it shouldn’t be excessive. Just a quick question, when you use the alcohol wipes to clean the natural nail and also to remove stickiness from top coat, would it be okay to just use a cotton pad with acetone? I chose a lighter brown color to start so my messy application wouldn’t be as obvious. My manicurist used to do that with OPI Gel polish but I really don’t want to balls this up at all, what’s your two cents worth on the subject? Tutorials on youtube show me that people apply the uv gel on the tops of their nails as wel.
I’ve just done my first self Gelish and I did try and clean up the edges but it still looks messy and in my opinion wrecks the entire look! Would you recommend removing the tackiness after the base coat when using the guide stickers? I mean, I know you say you can wipe with alcohol if you need to redo a coat, but I didn’t think it would take off the cured coat too! My last question is: when I allow my polish to dry under the uv light my polish tend to drip to the sides of my nail.

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