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This nail gel dryer is suitable for both professional and personal nail care uses, and is suitable for hands and feet.
Lagute Mini Home Dehumidifier, Which Is Ideal For Small Rooms, Where Is Of Poor Ventilation, Damp And Humid, Such As Bathrooms, Wardrobes, Larder, Cabinet Or Storage Rooma€¦Etc.

This anti cellulite cream penetrates the skin easily and helps to combat the cellulite marks.
It has a high concentration of ingredients that acts together to reduce adipose tissues and unpleasant accumulations of fat, toning and reshape the silhouette, to improve the appearance of a€?orange peela€? skin. It is designed to work with various kinds of UV products, such as UV top coat, UV builder gel and so much more. Item cannot be purchased in Ireland and is often recommended in helping to combat nail fungus and athletes food. Each of these UV bulbs outputs 9-watts of 365nm UVA light (the safest type of ultraviolet light, although care should be taken to minimize exposure to any UV light) for a total drying power of 36 watts.

Adopting advanced material, it is eco-friendly with a long lifespan for your long-term use. These premium UV bulbs and the dryera€™s reflective interior help to eliminate hot spots, and ensure fast and perfect drying.
You can simply insert the included UV bulbs, plug in and turn on for continuous function or use the timer preset to set 2-minute session.

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