Ultraviolet lights (also known as black lights) are an effective way to enhance any party costumes or decorations which contain fluorescent colour or glow in the dark elements, making them particularly suitable for Halloween parties. Young children may enjoy creating their own Halloween decorations using fluorescent coloured paper or paint, then watching them glow magically under UV light. This pre-assembled UV tube bulb and fixture is made from sturdy metal and can be wall-mounted or ceiling-fixed for optimum positioning. An alternative to the bulkier UV light cannons, this model is not only slimmer and lighter but uses LEDs instead of traditional bulbs, so consumes much lower power as well.
The light settings can be controlled using the onboard menus, allowing you to change the brightness, as well as select from a choice of sound responsive strobe or pulse effects.

The UV Black Light Bayonet Bulb will fit most standard ceiling light or lamp fittings with ease. The UV laser pen can be used just as an ordinary laser pointer, during presentations or stargazing for example, but is even better if used with glow-in-the-dark products like the Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall. Free UK Shipping* on all Items Excluding Highlands and Islands and Event Tickets And Hires!
The LED Shadow is a 3-channel DMX blacklight in a sleek and slim case that provides all the function of larger units in a much smaller package. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

The LED Shadow will bathe a 20ft by 20ft area in UV light, has a power output for daisy-chaining, and draws very low power due to LED technology.
More notably, UV is used to light up clubs and parties, use the keyring torch to perfect your clubbing or party outfit and make sure that you light up all night long!

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