Euroteck is the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for Magnaflux Tiede MPI and Penetrant products for more than 15 years and we have a wealth of experience in applying MPI techniques and finding solutions for our customers. Hand yokes of a very high quality for AC 230V, 110V and DC 12 operation are available with a comprehensive range of accessories such as adjustable pole pieces. The FSM2 is designed to reliably and easily measure the field strength of the magnetic field at the surface of the part and thereby ensuring that the correct field strength is being achieved to ensure reliable and consistent testing of the part. The GWH series delivers both AC and half wave DC outputs as required sometimes for aerospace applications.
The Isotest is a true full wave 3 phase AC and DC mobile power pack available with either 6,000A or 10,000A output.
The SW series machines are the real work horse of the MPI inspection industry, available with a bed length between 1.2 and 6 metres. Motorised head and tail stocks clamp and rotate the part for inspection and retracting UV lamp supports allow jib cranes to easily load and unload the machine. Magnaflux Tiede has many years experience of integrating MPI inspection machines into production lines in the automotive industry, system can be supplied with the Opto-Tec automatic defect recognition software which means that systems can run without any operator intervention. Our 'Blue Series' UV lights consist of 3 main models, the 'Mini-Blue', the 'Blue UV Lights' and the 'Blueray'. Previously, indoor air inside a home was considered to be 3 to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors.
In addition, indoor areas with high humidity or moisture often become breeding grounds for airborne pathogens such as mold spores, viruses and bacteria. Now you & your family can breathe with confidence, knowing the air you breathe is free from a vareity of pollutants from threatening pathogens to allergens. UVC light is mainly filtered out by the Earth's ozone layer, where only UVA and some UVB light actually get through.
By creating pure UVC light through our devices we are harnessing that hidden power of the sun on the other side and directly exposing that massive power to the air we breathe, sterilizing it. View our easy to install whole house UV Air Purifiers and get started with a simple DIY installation project that takes 10 to 20 minutes but offers near overnight results that lasts for years. From vehicles to single storefronts to entire warehouses, oil rigs, ships and beyond, we've been making custom products for our clients when an off the shelf product doesn't fit the job. If you're a contractor or an enterprise business and need UV lights for air sanitation, sterilization or purification we can design and manufacture UVC light systems that custom fit your application.

To get started simply follow our 'contact' button and fill out the form describing what's needed. Learn more about SBS and what you can do about it with our past research on Sick Building Syndrome. I don't know if it is just coincidence but ever since we closed up the house at night my son who has allergies has been stuffed up and I usually wake with a headache here and there.
So this is the latest update on the weather from that last post which was Monday on the possible warmer spell of weather to arrive over this weekend and the start of next week. So the good news is the weather is to pick up from Saturday on with temperatures reaching the 20C mark with a warmer day for Sunday with temperatures at around 23C. Weather wise Saturday will be a day of sunny spells and a mixture of cloud a change from what has been a bad week with very little sun and a northwesterly airflow making it feel cooler. Monday and Tuesday look set to be the two best days over next week and of  this warmer spell of weather that arrives this weekend. Mean while for anyone heading to England over the start of next week temperatures there will reach into the 30C in inland parts of the south of England. Over Tuesday night and Wednesday things will cool down once again with a frontal zone moving in from the west with the possible risk of some Thunderstorm activity over the day. As I have said before the position of the jet stream also plays a big factor on the weather here in Ireland and the UK.
The jet stream below Ireland the weather will be colder particularly over winter where this can lead to harsh frost and depending on the airflow direction it can also lead to wintry falls of snow. When we see the jet stream above Ireland and the UK this is when you will see the better chance of warmer air especially over summer time months. So over the weekend and start of next week the Jet stream will be positioned above Ireland and Scotland which will allow the warmer air to move up from the Tropical Atlantic and Continent. Below shows the Jet stream at the start of next week north of Ireland and Scotland and positioned over Iceland. Tuesday dry everywhere again with warmer weather again temperatures in the possible mid 20s, high uv levels with the chance of thunderstorm over the evening and night. So that is it on this update folks and I hope this info and forecast has helped you out in your weekend plans where ever you are around the world have a nice weekend and do not forget to keep eyes on the sky’s over the coming nights for further meteors. The switch over between AC and DC is accomplished by use of a motorized change-over switch.

The work horse of the automotive and inspection industries for small components up to 1 metre in length. Longitudinal and transvers magnetisation provided by a motorised coil which also delivers the test fluid as it travels the bed length.
These systems are sterilizing air around the world right now in homes, commercial establishments and industrial facilities every second of every day. These are also used in Ambulances and mobile medical vehicles for air sterilization & reduction of airborne viruses. Can also be used in larger areas but one system should be installed in each air handler (where multiple HVAC systems exist). Well letting the fan run on circulation all day I noticed last night my son didn't need his nose spray for the first time in a long time, and I woke with no stuffed nose. Monday temperatures could reach 23C to 24C in parts of Ireland with nice sunshine nationwide.
I woke up this morning feeling charged and rested with my sinuses clear and no congestion for the first time in months. Tuesday again nice sunshine nation wide over the day with temperatures getting up to 25C to 26C over parts of Ireland. Warmest areas will be the west, northwest, North and midlands with temperatures that bit cooler around the coastal countys of the east, south and south east this all down the the south easterly wind. Jablonski Figure 1: "The potential for synthesis of previtamin D3 in lightly pigmented human skin computed from annual average UVMED.
Light stippling indicates Zone 2, in which there is not sufficient UV radiation during at least one month of the year to produce previtamin D3 in human skin. Zone 3, in which there is not sufficient UV radiation for previtamin D3 synthesis on average for the whole year, is indicated by heavy stippling."Below the fold I've reproduced a table that compares expected skin color and observed skin color for indigenous people.

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