In November of 2011 I went back to DD Commercials and worked with a few of my favorite people and close friends to bring this UFC spot to life. I modeled most everything in the spot: The Octagon, the stadium, the girders and lights, the seating, the crane, etc.
Other gobo manufacturing processes charge for a full colour gobo as soon as 2 or more colours are required.

Our proprietary, innovative laser technology renders high-resolution grayscale and near photographic quality gobos in either black and white or brilliant full colour. Our technology allows us to charge less for gobos that have only 2 or 3 colours than a full coloured gobo. Our gobos are made from the finest materials and withstand extremely high temperatures and UV light emissions from high-powered projectors and scanners, and are available for all projectors with a diameter of 22.5-105mm.

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