REDDOT OL10 series is typically a standard LED Obstruction light designed for airway fixed obstacle marking application. For this outdoor deck lighting project our customer used 50ft of our Ribbon Star Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Lights to wrap the outer edge of his backyard deck. This is a 2 conductor outdoor and waterproof stranded wire, made for use with any of our single color indoor or outdoor rated LED lighting products. This 118" (3m) roll is easy to use and comes with waterproof connectors, male on one end and a female on the other end.
Use this 18AWG stranded wire with our strip lights, modules, wall washers, or any low voltage DC system.

All orders placed after Friday, September 2nd - 3:00PM PST will ship the following Tuesday, September 6th. At 1.46 watts per foot this deck lighting porject only consumes around 70 watts of power and is being driven by a single 100W 12VDC Waterproof Power Supply. Wires are sold in 10ft and 50ft increments and will be shipped in one length when possible.
Our Outdoor 2 Conductor Wire was used for connection from the beginning of the strip light runs to the power source.
As you can see our Ribbon Star is brighter than most people think and an ideal and affordable strip light for many lighting applications.

This LED ribbon tape has the perfect brightness for ambient lighting, stair and step lighting, fences, eves, gazebos, decks, backlighting, and many more outdoor lighting applications.
Extras include 10 clear plastic screw down holders, 4 closed end caps, 4 end caps with holes for wiring, and a waterproof connector at each end.

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