Cafe Vacca Matta and Ubercool Events have teamed up again to bring you “Glow” the first in a series of Lumo Parties to be held at Cafe Vacca Matta’s Sunday Drum n Bass Sessions. Pop in to Cafe Cafe Vacca Matta this Sunday, the 25th July for an outrageously fun evening called “Glow”.
StyleScoop is South Africa's first fashion and beauty blog, bringing you all things fabulous since 2008! With space for up to 7 people, the versatile Multivan cabin can be configured in a myriad of combinations and seats added or removed depending on your requirements.
4MOTIONWhen road conditions get tricky the drive torque is distributed as required between the front and rear axle.
AirbagsProtection comes as standard in the Multivan with driver and front passenger airbags, plus side and head airbags in the B-Pillar and curtain airbags for rear passengers. Space and FlexibilityThe Multivan's interior space optimally combines variability, functionality and comfort. Panoramic ViewsMultivan has a multitude of window options to display the best of the world when needed and shield the interior from outsiders when required.
The Dealer's actual prices may vary from the published price for a number of reasons, including additional charges applicable under the laws in your state.
The electrically controlled dampers of adaptive chassis control constantly adjust to the road conditions, the driving situation and driver’s requirements. Using a button located on the centre console, the driver selects between three damper settings – NORMAL, COMFORT and SPORT. Starting from the normal setting, the driver can change the basic character of the car towards sporty or more comfort-oriented driving. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an extension of the conventional cruise control system with advanced capabilities based on a radar sensor.

ASR is a traction control system that prevents the wheels from spinning under acceleration by reducing engine torque.
As soon as the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the ABS hydraulic unit stores the vehicles final braking pressure. During emergency braking, Brake Assist aids the driver by increasing the brake pressure automatically to a level exceeding the locking limit.
Brake energy recuperation is one of the efficient technologies that Volkswagen pools together under its BlueMotion Technologies umbrella brand.
Brake energy recuperation helps to get the most out of the energy that is not necessarily used when driving.
The City Emergency Braking function is a laser-based emergency braking system designed to help a driver avoid a low-speed crash or to reduce its severity.
Assist system more sensitive: if the driver should notice the risk, the car is ready to respond more quickly to their braking action.
The driver is still legally responsible for the vehicle and must monitor the speed and distance in relation to other vehicles. While driving, as the driver’s foot is taken off the accelerator pedal the engine is declutched, allowing the vehicle to coast and roll over a longer distance. Driving profile selection provides the driver with a wide-ranging choice of settings that can be made to the vehicle according to the driver’s preferences. The driver has the option of choosing between the following driving profiles: Normal, Sport (Race – Golf R), Eco, Comfort and Individual.
EDL improves driving and steering characteristics when accelerating on road surfaces where each wheel has a different degree of traction. ABS and ASR traction control systems are integrated into the Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP).

Prevents the driven wheels from locking if the accelerator is lifted very suddenly or the vehicle is braked sharply because a low gear is engaged. The functionality of the system is restricted given a sporty driving style, winding roads and poor road surfaces.
Front Assist brakes automatically, helping to avoid a collision or reduce the severity of the accident.
Front Assist with City Emergency Brake (City EB) cannot replace the driver’s attentiveness. Dress as bright as you can and a host of promo girls will be there to paint you with luminous glow in the dark paint.
With her love of everything ruffled and girly, Durban freelancer, Chia sets off to present you with fashion inspiration. Safety, efficiency, luxury, practicality, and brilliant performance: everything you need, and want, in one great vehicle.
It has the flexibility and fittings to be whatever you want - a mobile office, a family wagon, a recreation vehicle, or all the above. However, the Dealer and its providers do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the data. This prevents the wheels from locking during heavy or emergency braking, enabling the vehicle to remain steerable.

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