If you remember being a little girl than you probably remember getting your nails done at a salon for the very first time.
Accidentally catching on to something can cause your nail to separate from the acrylic leaving you prone to bacteria, fungus or yeast. Having your fingers and hands exposed to the UV light increase the risk of skin cancer, especially nail bed melanoma which is a difficult type of skin cancer to treat. Some gel manicure products contain toxic chemicals such as BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) a carcinogen and methyl pyrrolidone which may cause harm to your reproductive system. About The AuthorDeniquaStaff Writer I can sing pretty much any Anita Baker song word for word, I write poetry and I actually understand Young Thug. Going to the dentist for a root canal may cause a little pain in your mouth but will not give you cancer.

Your mother got her nails done every two weeks, your older sister and even some of the older girls at school. You may notice a really strong smell but it isna€™t too harmful provided the salon has proper ventilation. After each coat you place your nails under UV (ultraviolet) light for a few minutes allowing the gel to harden. De lo que hay que ser consciente es que son daños irreparables y que no se ven a corto plazo. Theya€™re addicting; aside from looking really nice theya€™re convenient and arena€™t hard to keep up. Whether you have acrylic tips on or acrylic over your own nails taking care of your nails can be dangerous if your arena€™t careful.

Although your nails arena€™t exposed to the UV light for very long during each session, over time there have been reports of a skin cancer risk. Una piel seca es una piel expuesta directamente a envejecer, ni hablar de arriesgar algo mas peligroso como lo es el cáncer de piel.
Without a care in the world you flaunted your nails for everyone to see not knowing the dangers and damage you were actually doing to your own nails. Take a look at the difference between the two as well as some of the health risks that your nail technician may have not warned you about.

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