Ecologically-friendly practices are becoming the norm in hotels around the world, but a few have taken the next big step by going green in as many ways as they can. Located in Cape Town, a mere stone’s throw from the city’s international airport, the hotel boasts many eco-friendly features including a green roof, a plant room, an eco-pool and energy-efficient LED lights. The hotel’s Pontos grey water plant filters and sterilises used bath and shower water through the use of UV light before re-using it to flush toilets.
Based in Heredia, Costa Rica the inn’s underground electrical systems don’t interfere with the wildlife, the linen is made from bamboo and the vegetables are all organic.
This resort, based on a coconut plantation on Vanu Levu, Fiji has made sustainability a priority. Cultural activities, as well as ecological tours led by an on-site marine biologist, uphold the resort’s educational and ecological goals. At Devil’s Thumb – in Tabernash, Colorado – only a fraction of the land is used for the ranch – the rest is dedicated as habitat for wildlife. The ranch’s buildings are heated using geothermal energy to decrease complete dependence on electricity and natural gas; while the installation of dual flush toilets helps save water. With all this in place, it’s no surprise to learn that they have received the Environmental Protection Agency Award for Responsible Development and Historic Preservation. They are also proud to promote the sustainability of their luxury accommodation, using materials which come from sustainable resources and maximising air flow in the buildings in order to reduce the need for air-conditioning. Having won a Green Globe Certification Award, this hotel based in Port Antonio, Jamaica uses eco-friendly practices such as the use of solar energy and natural air-conditioning. Staying true to its name, which means “earth”, this hotel in Torres del Paine, Chile makes the most of its surroundings, showcasing the raw beauty of the far south. The hotel uses low-energy lighting in its interior, as well as furniture sourced from local craftspeople. The hotel also supports Reforest Patagonia, a campaign which aims to plant one million trees in Chilean Patagonia.
In addition to appointing an environment officer, they screen their suppliers for proper environmental practices and products; and to top it all, the entire resort is completely smoke-free.

Lying just off the island of Zanzibar is this beautiful and unspoiled nature reserve whose goal it is to preserve the island’s delicate coral reef ecosystem. The bungalows at the eco-lodge make use of environmentally-friendly practices in an effort to limit impact on the environment.
International sport apparel company, adidas is the first brand in Africa to use the Matrix Light Box, the European aluminium fabric-framing system with LED-back lighting, sold exclusively by Clarion Printed Products. Clarion installed the first Matrix Light Boxes in South Africa for adidas at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, for the duration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Matrix Frame is an established fabric-framing system seen across Europe and in the USA in fashion retail environments, car showrooms and supermarkets. Clarion Printed Products has been named sole agent in Africa for the European aluminium fabric framing system, Matrix Frame and is the first supplier to sell LED lighting solutions for back - illuminated fabric prints as part of the Matrix Frame branding solution. Matrix Frame develops frames for fabric banners that can be easily inter-changed and re-used for different promotional campaigns, events and exhibitions.
Matrix Frame is already a well-established fabric-framing system seen across Europe and in the USA in most major fashion retail environments, car showrooms and supermarkets. The Matrix Light Box features low-energy LED back-lighting that is long-lasting and low maintenance. Clarion has become the sole seling agent in Africa for Matrix Frame, the aluminium framing system from Europe.
For more information about what Matrix Frame can do for your brand or business contact Clarion Printed Products. We’re constantly looking at when, where and how we can reduce our carbon footprint, and this doesn’t stop when we travel. By saving water, decreasing electricity usage and reducing waste, eco-friendly hotels are leading the way for more sustainable travelling around the globe.
The wind turbines, which produce renewable energy for the hotel, are key in promoting the hotel’s philosophy about solutions to the world’s energy problems.
As the highest ranking member of the Sustainable Tourism Certificate programme, with a perfect 100 score, they are also leading by example as an eco-friendly destination.

Social consciousness is also a cornerstone of their sustainability goals, evidenced in the focus on education and community development. The cuisine excludes farmed fish, the lighting is low-voltage and all wood is sourced from certified local forests. Along with recycling programmes, sustainability is promoted through the use of biodegradable cleaning and spa products, as well as organic and locally-grown produce for their restaurant. Con Dao is the only place where this gentle sea mammal’s protection is enforced in Vietnam. No pesticides or insecticides are used in the gardens; and local, organic items are used wherever possible.
Rainwater harvesting, solar water heating, grey water filtration and composting toilets are just some of the many methods used.
Matrix Frame develops frames for fabric banners that can be inter-changed and re-used for different promotional campaigns and events. Seeing the framing system was a great and rewarding surprise for us - the ability to interchange campaigns using the Matrix Frame going forward is an added bonus," said Bradley Stern, senior trade marketing manager for adidas SA. They can be adapted to suit any environment and can be modified into free-standing, hanging, ceiling or wall-mounted systems with single or double-sided graphics. The frames can be adapted to suit any environment and can be easily modified into free-standing, hanging, ceiling or wall mounted systems with single or double-sided graphics.
They continue to do so with eco-practices which involve recycling and composting programmes, replanting trees, energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly cleaning products, chlorine-free pools and community clean-ups. Benefits include no heat or UV radiation, resulting in eco-friendly illumination for banners.
Added benefits include no heat or UV radiation, resulting in superb and eco-friendly illumination for your banners.

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