Ultraviolet light (also known as blacklight) is a classic lighting effect, brought right up to date with our amazing LED powered units. UV Parties are popular for large club nights and we can now provide amazingly powerful UV lights for you to create your own UV party. UV Parties offer more bang-for-the-buck because your guests bring the brightness and colours by wearing UV clothes and accessories. Anything in any colour will glow in UV lighting if it is fluorescent - think highlighter pens. All orders require a A?100 cash deposit which is returned after the hire, subject to the equipment being in good condition. If you can collect your order from our North Manchester storage unit then we offer very cheap sound system, disco lighting and uplighting packages. TEC Lighting provides standard and specialty application lighting products for industries involved in printed circuit board fabrication, medical & scientific instrumentation, machine vision, CD manufacturing, water purification, cinema projection, video projection, live-stage entertainment, theme park attractions, plate-making, solar simulation, pharmaceutical testing, plastics, wood coating, and printing.
TestimonialsAll of TEC Lighting’s staff have been helpful and in many cases gone out of their way to make us happy.

Julie Quinn, Production Director, The Turning Point Our customers are extremely satisfied with the finished products we have been producing.
Keith Miller, Minuteman Press In the competitive environment we find ourselves in, offering UV Coating to our product line has given us an advantage. PhilosophyGuided by our relentless focus and commitment to our customers, TEC Lighting strives to deliver high quality print finishing equipment. The submersible UV Lamp are the perfect way to control free-floating micro-organism as well as disease causing pathogens. Our UV lights are powerful enough to work even with subtle ambient room lighting, whereas other UV lights would require complete darkness to give any effect at all. Ours use state-of-the-art highly efficient 3-watt LEDs and there are 18 of these per light. If you're on a tight budget then UV lights can be used instead of traditional disco lights but you'll need to make sure everyone's dressed in a UV outfit! TEC Lighting's vision is to be the recognized performance leader in customer satisfaction, design and manufacturing of UV coating and curing equipment.

Maybe they will prompt you a great design of your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden, basement or any other place. Remember that picking the correct lighting for your interior or exterior makes a defining impact on the design you create. Working out a lighting plan as you remodel your home will help you reach a desirable result.
You may create magic with special lighting effects, and vary the ambiance from special to occasional and even expressive with shades of light. So feel free to browse the WinLights site, watch photographs, read articles and create a unique atmosphere in your home.
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