We recommend the following water filtration products to ensure your family is protected from harmful bugs in the water. The leaf filter basket prevents any unwanted debris from your roof – mainly leaves and vermin from entering your tank.
To prevent this foul water from being washed into your tank, we install our cleaning eye at the lowest point in the pipe work. UV filtration is the best way to protect your family from any harmful bugs present in the water. The advantage of UV is that it does not affect the taste and odour of your water, unlike chlorine and runs silently. Healthy Water Solutions provide a yearly maintenance service to ensure the UV system is protecting your family’s health. Please note that under bench drinking filters do not remove bacteria and viruses in the water. The application of UVGI to disinfection has been an accepted practice since the mid-20th century. A portable, battery powered low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp for water sterilization.
Our water-resistant Fresh-Aire™ germicidal UV light generator combined with a high efficiency electronic power supply, remote waterproof mounting for low maintenance, and includes lifetime power supply warranty. Mite-E-Ducts is a Residential and Commercial air duct cleaning company located in Zionsville, Indiana. FlowMark Disinfection Systems (DS) have been developed to enhance biological control of our Pulse Power Water Treatment product line. FlowMark DS Systems work by generating a powerful disinfecting gas and introducing it into the cooling tower water through submerged diffusers installed in the cooling tower basin. Shortly after introducing the tiny oxidizing bubbles to the cooling water a measureable level of Ozone is detectable.
Advanced oxidation processes (abbreviation: AOPs), in a broad sense, refers to a set of chemical treatment procedures designed to remove organic (and sometimes inorganic) materials in water and by oxidation through reactions with hydroxyl radicals (·OH). Infralight Australia Pty Ltd supplies a wide range of ultraviolet curing lamps and  ultraviolet  drying lamps for the printing and coatings industry.
Nilpeter, Gallas, Spectral, Comco, Mark Andy, Hanovia, Natgraph, Aquatron, Comco, Hanovia, Primarc, Svecia, Wallace Knight, Kopack, Heraeus Amba, Amba Lamps, Primarc, Western Quartz, Superior, and many more. Contact Russell Read at Infralight Australia with the information below and we will specifiy the correct lamp replacement for your ultraviolet curing system.

Indringdiepte van verschillende soorten straling  Afhankelijk van uw huidtype moeten er, bij overmatige blootstelling aan het natuurlijke zonlicht (zoals tijdens uw vakantie), dus aanvullende beschermende maatregelen worden genomen, zoals het gebruik van een zonnebrandcreme met een bepaalde beschermingsfactor.
De huid laten wennen aan de zon wil zeggen ervoor zorgen dat de huid, door middel van bruinkleuring en verdikking, enige natuurlijke bescherming opbouwt tegen verbranding Dan kan uw huid wat langer in de natuurlijke zon vooraleer zonnebrand zal optreden. To flush out the foul water, you simply open the cap or valve and allow all the water to drain out. To ensure you are getting the best quality water from your tank we recommend the tank snorkel.
Once fitted, they provide years of maintenance–free service, extending the life of your filters and pump.
UVGI utilises short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) that is harmful to microorganisms. Coupled with afiltration system, UVGI can remove harmful micro-organisms from these environments.
Under the effect of visible or ultraviolet light, it can oxidize and fully decompose harmful organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, dimethylbenzene, ammonia and TVOC, odors, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms into harmless CO2 and H2O. We serve a statewide customer base including customers in Brownsburg, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Noblesville, Zionsville, and the greater Indianapolis area. Dozens of cooling towers are maintaining excellent biological control using only our Pulsed Power System as it promotes calcification of microbes which limit their ability to metabolize nutrients and dispose of waste. As an added benefit, Hydrogen Peroxide ( a proven disinfectant) is created and maintains a long lasting measureable residual in the water. These reactive species are the strongest oxidants that can be applied in water and can virtually oxidize any compound present in the water matrix, often at a diffusion controlled reaction speed. Medium pressure lamps, also known as high intensity discharge lamps (HID) and mercury arc lamps are used for the treatment of water, curing of inks and varnishes in the printing industry.
This water in the pipe can stagnate, particularly in the dry summer months when water can sit for extended periods. Our company has a high-level scientific research team based on university doctoral tutors, professors, senior technical staff members, etc., has established a perfect scientific testing system, and is equipped with complete technology-leading production equipment. Ambient air is pumped through a chamber that contains a special UV Lamp generating a wavelength that splits oxygen into singlet oxygen molecules. Consequently, ·OH reacts unselectively once formed and contaminants will be quickly and efficiently fragmented and converted into small inorganic molecules.
Whichever model UV system you are currently using, Infralight can supply or design a lamp to meet your needs.

Das Sonnenspektrum, auch optische Strahlung genannt besteht aus sichtbarem Licht (die sieben Regenbogenfarben) und dem unsichtbaren Ultraviolett und Infrarot. Cleaning the filter is a simple task and takes less than five minutes – you simply loosen the rubber joint to remove the pipe then shake out the basket.
This stagnant water can cause discolouration, foul odour and foul taste. Once it rains this water gets flushed into the tank, contaminating your whole supply. The tank snorkel comes supplied with a stainless steel strainer to protect your pump from sucking in debris. The water is then sterilised with the UV light that instantly removes any harmful bugs in your water.
With the joint efforts of our team, our company has developed internationally leading production processes and products, and obtained many national patents to independently research and develop a variety of high-tech products with nano-titanium dioxide as raw material, laying a solid foundation for our company to become the world's top brand. In cases where the mineral content of the make-up water is too low to promote calcification of microbes or when persistent algae growth is a problem we now have the product to fill the gap with FlowMark DS Systems. Since oxygen does not naturally maintain a singlet molecule form it rapidly reforms in groups of 3 which is ozone, a powerful, natural oxidizer which is 2,000 times stronger than chlorine. Die ersten beiden Strahlungsarten spielen bei der Braünung der Haut eine wichtige Rolle.
When your water does become smelly, the odour tends to be worst when showering as the water is atomised. The snorkel is supplied with a 32 mm threaded male fitting but can be reduced to fit any sized outlet. Currently, our company annually yields 200 tons of nano-titanium dioxide powder, and 200 tons of photocatalyst liquid, photocatalytic filters, and photocatalytic air purifier products. The products have been sold in most provinces and territories domestically, and been exported to overseas countries, widely used in home and public area sterilization, air pollution control (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC pollution, etc.), sewage treatment, coatings, textiles, plastic, cosmetics, glass, ceramics, air purifiers and other fields with good practical effects.
With the concept of "Technology, Environmental Protection, Innovation, Development" and the tenet of "Fist-class Technology, Superb Product", we are about to pay more attention to product development in the future, return our customers with products of higher technological contents and contribute our share to promote nano photocatalytic technology at home and abroad!

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