We use ultraviolet (UV) light to make sure we are not putting harmful germs into the river. UV water treatment equipment for drinking waterUV water treatment equipment for drinking water CMC SERIESThe kind of system includes pre-treatment and RO main machine, which used to treat water with TDS below 2000ppm. 150 m and then collected on the sieve with the size of 32 m, after that it was sonicated in absence and presence of kaolin particles (100 mg) for 60 s. The cut-off at 8 m in the figures happens due to the detection limit of the particle size analyzer.
As Horton stated, since these patents are energy efficient, they could be particularly important to areas of the world where clean water is not readily available.  However, if electricity is still needed for the UV light, then use of this technology may still be somewhat limited. Quality SolutionZ is a full-service microbiology consulting service, providing a broad range of expert services. Quality SolutionZ can provide customized microbiology workshops in all areas including microbial load assessment of materials, Bio-Assay, Sterility testing, Isolation & Identification of organisms, Environmental Monitoring, sampling and culture techniques, basic laboratory safety, anaerobic growth techniques, or any specific protocol or requirement. We offer a laboratory management and training program for onsite microbiology laboratories staffed only with technician for far less than the cost of hiring a full time microbiologist to run your microbiology lab.
Quality SolutionZ can provide this level of expertise on an occasional or as-needed basis, to keep your technicians well-trained and up-to-date. Representative Sample and sampling technique play a major role in the out come of analytical procedure. We offer full service from method development, validation, implementation, and training of your microbiologist and follow up visit to review and rectify any come across problem during routine use.
Airborne biological agents, such as bacteria and mold can cause serious manufacturing problems.

Quality SolutionZ has special interest to develop your microbiology lab according to your requirements and applicable regulatory requirements if any.
Weather your microbiology lab needs expansion due to changing business needs or you desire bring up to date your microbiology lab. Any industrial process that provides a moist environment allows for the growth of microbes. Quality SolutionZ applies the basic principles of microbial ecology to diagnose and correct or prevent damage to industrial processes by contaminating microbes.
Waste from microbiology lab is a potential hazardous to your personnel, lab, facility and as well as to the environment.
If you have a problem that may involve microbiology, we are happy to discuss it with you and may be able to provide a solution.
UV Dose Response Curve (UV-DRC)UV dose response curve is the plot of surviving colony forming units (CFUs) versus UV dose. High pressure mercury lamps: they work at pressure ranges up to 10 atmNormally, for UV disinfection of wastewater the low and medium pressure lamps are used [1, 5]. Light emitting diodes (LED)UV mercury vapor lamps have a short life (approximately one year). Microbial repair in UV disinfectionMicrobial repair is an enzymatic reaction that leads to DNA repairing of microorganisms. Tap with 22 years of working experience on all microbiological techniques applicable in different industry, ranging from most sophisticated pharmaceutical industry to ancient raw material manufacturing industry. Consulting services include but are not limited to method development and validation, wastewater treatment, industrial contamination, indoor air quality, technical training and technology assessment.

We can be available whenever a crisis or a question arises, so that you and your staff can feel secure in knowing that we are only a phone call away. Majority of microbiological assessment are done manually or at least at some stage manual handling can not be avoided. Quality SolutionZ can help in the assessment and remediation of airborne biological agents.
Bacteria and mold can cause fouling and deterioration of wood, metal and plastic pipes and equipment. We will identify the culprits and recommend solutions for treatment and prevention of contamination that are compatible with your industrial process. If it is not decontaminated properly it may ends up in your systems and poses a potential threat to your facility. It includes all kind of sampling such as materials, products, swabbing, environmental, water, personnel monitoring and cleaning validation so on so forth. According to the nature of industry, microbiologist training and techniques need to be developed, validate and implement with regular follow up and review. We design sampling plans to meet the needs of your study and to fit your budget and train your staff for right techniques of sampling.

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