Treatment of the water after the storage and before use is critical for both health of the users and maintenance of the system. The goal of disinfection is to destroy the microbiological organisms that have the potential to cause illness or harm. Chlorination uses the chemical of chlorine in either dry, liquid, or gas to kill microorganisms. Adsorption uses activated carbon (charcoal filters) to bind to harmful contaminants, such as VOCs. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
UV Light Treatment Lamps- Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Skin Disorders Treatment. Practically New!
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PUVA – This treatment regimen includes exposure to artificial light in conjunction with ingested or topical use of psoralen.
Most home care units will require a prescription and may be covered by your health insurance.
There are three primary manufacturers of home light therapy equipment, each offering several different units depending on the severity and location of the Psoriasis. Psoriasis Wisdom is a compendium of information providing tips, techniques, and other information to help treat, relieve, and heal Psoriasis.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ultra Violet (UV) Water Treatment Systems are ideal for treating private water supplies such as borehole, wells, river, or any type of water storage tanks. The water passes through the chamber and is flooded with Ultra Violet light and thereby neutralising the DNA of the microorganisms.
Note: Minimum water quality guidelines are recommended to ensure proper operation and continuous disinfection.
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The ATS Enviro-Safe Systems are an effective way to provide bacteria free water for your home or industry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The OTC topicals are available in a variety of forms such as salicylic acid, active ingredients and coal tar from the local drugstores, pharmacies, or directly from the place of manufacture.
Salicylic acid acts as a peeling or keratolytic agent not only for psoriasis but for all other skin problems and diseases. Coal tar that is derived from wood and coal has a number of medicinal qualities by virtue of which it is also used for treating psoriasis. Before using tar products such as ointments and creams, one must look for the concentration of tar that they contain. However, a product with a very high concentration of coal tar may have certain harmful effects.
The other topical treatments for psoriasis are rich in natural ingredients such as jojoba, Vera, zinc pyrithione, capsaicin, etc.
Moisturization of the skin is an essential requirement for the treatment of psoriasis as it helps in reducing the reddening and the itching of the skin, thereby leading to the proper healing of the disease.
Keeping oneself hygienic by taking a bath regularly is necessary for the treatment of any disease.
The FDA has approved several ingredients such as camphor, benzocaine, calamine, diphenhydramine hydrochloride (HCL), hydrocortisone and menthol for use in the treatment of psoriasis. Salicylic acid, urea, lactic acid or phenols that are usually contained in the OTC topical products are helpful both in the case of nail and scalp psoriasis treatment. Occlusion is a process of covering the area so as to help the easy absorption by the skin of the medications administered. It contains calcipotriene which is a kind of synthetic form of vitamin D3 which slows down excessive cell growth.
Taclonex, a form of calcipotreine helps in slowing down excessive reproduction of skin cells.
However, its regular application has certain side-effects which include the occurrence of skin rashes, itching, a burning skin sensation, the reddening of the skin area, folliculitis, swelling of the blood vessels of the affected area and thus leading to the worsening of psoriasis.
The application of the vectical or the calcitriol ointment over the surface of the skin except for the lips, eyes and the face helps in bringing down excessive cell production.
It contains anthralin, which is a synthetic compound acting as a substitute for chrysarobin. Only after consulting a doctor, must one start off by applying a small amount of steroid on the areas affected. Topical steroids must not be used for a longer duration of more than 3 weeks without consulting the doctor. One must refrain from abruptly withdrawing corticosteroids as it may cause an aggressive recurrence of psoriasis. There are ophthalmic risks associated with the use of steroids such as the occurrence of cataract and glaucoma. Super potent steroids may be helpful in healing psoriasis but is latently inherent with strong and harmful side-effects. Similarly, low potent steroids may be useful in case of psoriasis face treatment as well as groin and breast treatment.  But one must be careful as not to use them on sensitive areas of the skin such as the armpits, the genitals, etc.
An intelligent mind, Niels Finsen discovered the therapeutic effects of the rays of the sun for the benefit of treating various human diseases.  This method of treating and curing diseases using UV rays of the sun is known as Phototherapy. The method of UV psoriasis treatment involves the deliberate exposure of the skin to sunlight.
The psoriasis light treatment in this case involves the exposure of the skin to an artificial UVB source of light.
The UVB treatment helps in reducing the excessive growth of skin cells by letting the UVB light to penetrate through the skin of the affected area.
During the initials of the treatment, the condition caused by psoriasis may worsen but the temporary deterioration may be a sign of future improvement. The UVB light treatment can also serve as an economically viable and convenient home psoriasis treatment. UVA psoriasis treatment has to be coupled with a topical medication called Psoralen which is sensitive to light in order to prove effective for the treatment of psoriasis.  This kind of a combination of UV ray and topical treatment is nicknamed as PUVA. However, there are certain side-effects that this kind of treatment of sun exposure may cause which includes a feeling of nausea, the turning of the skin pigment to red, itching and swelling. A psoriasis holistic treatment is actually a combination of UV treatment with topical or systemic treatment and is mostly adopted in hospitals. The laser treatment for psoriasis may have been approved by the FDA but is usually not recommended by doctors except for extreme cases due to its strong harmful effects.  Primarily there are two types of laser treatments available for treating psoriasis.
The excimer laser treatment is also helpful for treating chronic, localized psoriasis plaques. The systemic treatment for psoriasis includes the process of internal medication by either injecting into the body or by the intake of pills orally. There are basically two types of systemic treatment for psoriasis; namely, the traditional systemic treatment and the biologic. Within the category of traditional systemic treatment, fall acetretin or soriatane, cyclosporine, methotrexate and other off-label systemic.
Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant drug that is used for treating the case of severe psoriasis.
Those systemic medications which are not approved by the FDA are usually regarded as ‘off-level’ medications by the doctors. There are several other alternative measures to treat psoriasis beyond the conventional ones. Tanning beds are also used as an alternative psoriasis therapy but they have very harmful side-effects.

Studies indicate that changes in diet and lifestyle determine the condition of psoriasis to a great extent. Some of the smaller microorganisms, such as bacteria, may pass through large cartridge filters so they must be targeted with disinfection.
The device works by sending water through a tube that contains the UV bulb (see picture on left).
It is usually done at the point where water is used in the distribution system or in the storage tank. If the item comes direct from a manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag. Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab.
You've read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 7.5 million Americans have psoriasis.
It is a medication that causes the skin to be more sensitive to the light used during the therapy with increased benefit to controlling and preventing the spread of Psoriasis. Success of UVB treatment has been validated over and over in clinical trials and controlled studies. A dermatologist should provide instructions on the schedule you follow for home light therapy.
There are other manufacturers and suppliers coming into this market place on a regular basis. With doctors instructions, it may be used at home, a safe and economical alternative to doctor’s offices and clinics. Today’s Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems are setting the standards for water disinfection requirements in the water treatment industry. It is characterized by the appearance of white and red scaly patches on the surface of the skin.
Usually, medications which can adversely affect the body to the least possible extent are prescribed at the initial stage. It is usually in the form of medicated ointments and creams that is directly applied to psoriatic plaques on the skin. The logic behind the requirement of a prescription to buy such kind of medicines or steroids is that they may have harmful side effects which is in the knowledge of the patient being administered the same. All such OTC drugs and medicines are authenticated and approved by the Federal Agency in the Department for Health and Human Services (FDA). Salicylic acid if applied over a large portion of the skin for a long period of time may cause skin irritation. This is for the reason that the higher the concentration of tar, the more powerful shall be its effects. It may cause excessive irritation of the skin, as well as its reddening and subsequent drying up. This kind of treatment is based on the application of creams and ointments on the area affected so as to lubricate the skin and prevent it from drying. In case of psoriasis, one must add Epsom or Dead Sea salts, oil or oiled oatmeal in water to remove psoriasis scales from the skin and help soothe itching. In addition to this there are certain scale lifting products available in the market which is designed to loosen the scales and remove them.
It also helps in flattening skin lesions, removing scales and thereby soothing the itch and the inflammation caused by psoriasis.
Because it is a natural ingredient of vitamin D3, it genuinely helps in the treatment of psoriasis. It is helpful in the treatment of psoriasis by helping to reduce the rapid skin cell growth.
This is simply because the corticosteroid hormones released by the adrenal glands perform several vital functions in the body, such as controlling and reducing inflammations as well as lesions. The possible harm that topical steroids can cause is change of skin pigment, skin thinning, and formation of stretch marks, skin bruising, and the reddening and dilation of blood vessels. This method when applied to the treatment of psoriasis is known as psoriasis light treatment or UV treatment for psoriasis. The initial problem that one may face from is the reddening, the itching and the occurrence of skin flares for being exposed to UV rays. This kind of treatment usually proceeds from medical treatment to treatment at home to maintain its consistency.
This treatment inhibits the excessive growth of skin cells and is effective in case of psoriasis symptoms treatment.  It has also been found to be highly efficient in case of guttate and plaque psoriasis treatment as well as for nail, palm and soul psoriasis treatment.
It is associated with the use of a high-intensity UVB beam which is directed towards the area affected by psoriasis. This kind of treatment is undertaken only when the patient does not respond to either topical treatment, phototherapy or photo chemotherapy.
It stops the over production of skin cells by binding and inhibiting an enzyme which causes excessive cell multiplication. Studies have proved their efficacy mostly in the field of psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis treatment.
One such alternative treatment is Climatotherapy which rests on the belief that certain climactic conditions are suitable for the healing and cure of certain diseases. It involves the encouragement of the fishes to feed on the psoriasis affected areas which helps in providing a temporary relief from psoriasis symptoms and effects. So, one needs to follow the psoriasis treatment diet chart which must go hand in hand with the treatment so as to get relief from this painful and irritating disease which can precipitate to cause life threatening diseases such as skin cancer if not treated well. For example, water used for landscape drip irrigation would not need the same level of treatment as water used for potable indoor purposes. Three disinfection methods common to RWH systems are chlorination, ultraviolet light (UV), and ozonation.
An advantage to chlorine is that is leaves a residual so that your entire distribution system remains disinfected. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. The most common form, plaque psoriasis, results in raised, red lesions covered by silvery white scales. Treatments may take place in a doctor’s office, psoriasis clinic or at home with sunlight or a phototherapy unit prescribed by your doctor. Because of the ultraviolet contained in the light, the same precautions need to be taken with this treatment as with extended exposure to the sun. The length of exposure to ultraviolet light depends on skin type, the type of UVB device and the intensity of light emitted from the home lamps.
However, studies show that continued UVB treatments after the skin clears can increase remission time.
It helps in normalizing skin cell production, reducing the inflammation of the skin, and removing and clearing off the plaques from the surface of the skin.
In order to understand the nature, effectiveness as well as the harmful effects of such medications, one must treat them individually. Actually, salicylic acid helps to lift the scales of the skin, helps in their softening and subsequent removal.
Besides this, it may lead to temporary hair loss by weakening the shafts of the hair and thereby breaking them. Usually a product with a higher concentration of tar is supposed to have more potential to treat psoriasis. Tar also makes the skin too very sensitive to sunlight and one has to use sunscreen in order to prevent getting sunburned. By removing off the psoriasis scales, it helps in the smoothening of the skin and provides relief from itching. Once the scales are removed using the scale lifters, the medications can find an easy way to reach the psoriasis lesions.  But one needs to be careful while using the scale lifters as the products may have a very strong and harsh effect on the skin. Materials such as cellophanes, cotton socks, plastic wraps, nylon suit and waterproof dressing are used to cover the psoriasis lesions after being applied a topical treatment. This is a painless process but has several side-effects such as irritation of the skin and its drying up.
It is usually combined with betamethasone dipropionate, a kind of a steroid to treat psoriasis.  It is usually applied on the affected parts except for sensitive areas like the face, the groin, the armpits or other skin folds. Using the same for plaque psoriasis treatment has no such strong side-effects except for causing skin irritation, staining light-colored hair as well as clothes and linens.
Steroids vary on their potency level and it depends on the severity of the disease that super potent or least potent steroids may be prescribed.
Super potent steroids can even affect the internal organs if applied to a large area of the skin surface or if used for a long period of time.

The erythemal qualities of UVB broadband are considerably greater than the UVB narrowband and this is the reason the latter is considered much safer for psoriatic patients. So the amount of the administration of the UVB light rays may have to be induced or reduced to be compatible with the condition and the requirement of the patient.
All such home treatments for psoriasis require the aid and advice of a registered health professional. Milk and ginger have certain qualities which may help to prevent nausea when one is administered psoralen orally. The basic motive of the rays of this treatment is the destruction or the rupture of tiny blood vessels which form psoriasis lesions.  The duration of the administration of this treatment extends from 15-30 minutes per session at an interval of every 3 weeks. The amount of ray administered depends on the severity of the disease ranging from 4 to 10 sessions  per month with at least 2 sessions per week with a gap of 2 days between each session. It is mostly used in the treatment for erythodermic, palmoplantar, pustular, plaque and guttate psoriasis.  However, one needs to be careful of the side-effects that it may cause such as serious birth defects. Its primary function is to suppress the immune system and slow down the pace of the growth of certain immune cells.
One cannot ignore the side-effects which it may cause such as liver damage, kidney damage; bone marrow toxicity, lymphoma, and reduced WBC count. Along with these, insulin-sensitizing drugs such as pioglitazone, rosiglitazone,; and other drugs such as bromocroptine, simvastatin, somatostatin, etc.
On this logic is the Dead Sea psoriasis treatment based, as the Dead Sea is supposed to have qualities to heal many a skin diseases.
In any case, we recommend a multi-barrier approach where more than one method of treatment are used to maximize effectiveness.
For example, a 5-micron filter would block particles in the water that are 5 microns or larger.
Ozone gas is toxic and installation and maintenance of this type of system must be done by a licensed professional. The difference between them is that narrow-band UVB light bulbs release a smaller range of ultraviolet light. Most people need about eight maintenance treatments per month to prolong periods of skin clarity. Tagged dermatologist, genetic disease, immune system, light therapy, phototherapy, Plaque Psoriasis, psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, ultraviolet, UVB.
The exact cause behind the occurrence of psoriasis is still a mystery for scientists in the field of medical science.
The psoriasis treatment ladder decides the kind of medications to be prescribed to the ailing patient.
It also helps to reduce the growth pace of the skin cells and prevents their excessive reproduction. It is also difficult for patients to maintain the regular application of such medications owing to the potential of coal tar to stain clothes and bed linen as well as the strong odor that it produces on application. But the effectiveness of such products has still not been proved by medical scientists for the treatment of psoriasis. However, one needs to consult a physician in case of covering a steroid or other medications which are administered on the basis of a prescription.
The side-effects of using the same include skin rashes, drying up of the skin, burning and stinging, skin irritation, peeling and the subsequent worsening of psoriasis. Using it with excessive occlusion may prove more harmful for those already suffering from psoriasis. Among them, UVB is considered to be the best treatment for psoriasis in the field of psoriasis light treatment. It also needs one to follow the advice of the doctor strictly so as to avoid any possibility of worsening the psoriasis condition.
Itching can be tackled with the help of antihistamines, bathing in water mixed with colloidal oatmeal products and resorting to topical medications containing capsaicin. An early response to the treatment may just require 4 to 6 sessions for a smooth clearance. The unabated use of this drug can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, kidney damage and even skin cancer. A biologic is actually a protein derivative of living cells that specifically target parts of the immune system causing psoriasis.
For example, a common treatment-train for potable water in rural Texas is a set of cartridge filters followed by a ultraviolet light.
The Class A light is rated to destroy pathogens and is required to have an alarm to alert users if the device is not working. Having 3 to 10 percent of the body affected by psoriasis is generally considered to be a moderate case.
However, the most considered cause is the sending out of faulty signals by the immune system leading to rapid skin cell reproduction. If the disease is too severe to respond to normal medications, then medications with a significant amount of toxicity are prescribed. This helps the restoration of the skin appearance to its original form by reducing the inflammation, the itching and the scaling of the skin that is caused due to psoriasis. Although it’s still a mystery for scientists to detect the carcinogenic effects of coal tar, yet recent studies have indicated that some chemicals in coal tar may cause cancer if used in a very high quantity on a regular basis. Due to the same, one must always use sun protective measures such as sunscreen lotions, and sun protective clothes. So once the calcium levels in the body are restored to the normal, one must stop its application. Home treatment also comes with the advantage of being insured by various companies which cover up the cost of home UVB equipment. Similarly, wearing a support hose while receiving PUVA treatment may prevent the swelling of the legs. Since the medications prescribed in case of this kind of treatment is usually toxic in nature, one needs to undergo liver function and blood tests on a more or less regular basis. So, one must always take it under the supervision of a doctor so as to avoid its damaging effects.
The mechanism of their function depends on their ability to block the action of T-cell, which is actually a specific type of immune cell associated with causing psoriasis. A Class B light cannot be used as a sole method of disinfection but helps to polish water that has already been treated.
Several studies indicate that narrow-band UVB clears Psoriasis faster and produces longer remissions than broadband UVB. The common areas that are affected by this disease are the skin surface belonging to the knees, the scalp and the elbows.
The permissible limit of coal tar concentration useful for the treatment of psoriasis has been set by the FDA between 0.5-5 percent. However in case of discomfiture of any kind such as itching, stinging or burning, one must consult the dermatologist. For the success of the home treatment, one must always go for regular health check-ups and must abide by the dictates of the health professional who’s supposed to monitor the psoriatic condition.
Antidepressants also prove helpful for treatment of psoriasis due to their anti-itch itching and sleep inducing qualities.
If larger sized filters are used, small microorganisms, such as bacteria can pass through, so a disinfection method is needed (explained next).
An important point to keep in mind is that UV lights are most effective when the water is clear.
For most individuals, the palm of the hand is about the same as 1 percent of the skin surface. Owing to the nature of recurrence of this disease, psoriasis treatments poses a serious challenge to physicians and doctors.
Biologics which act as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) blockers are Remicade, Simponi, Enbrel, and Humira.
It is important that they are checked and changed on a regular basis so that they maintain their effectiveness. However, the severity of psoriasis can also be measured by how psoriasis affects a person’s quality of life. Stelara act as protein blockers by targeting the cytokines Interleukin 12 and 23 that are believed to promote psoriasis.
Psoriasis can have a serious impact even if it involves a small area, such as the palms of the hands or soles of the feet.
The possible side-effects of this treatment are respiratory infections, flu-like symptoms, nervous problem, blood disorders and cancer.
The UV light is harmful to look at directly, so use approved safety glasses when maintaining the device. From 10 to 30 percent of individuals with psoriasis also develop psoriatic arthritis, which causes pain, stiffness and swelling in and around the joints.

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