From September 2016 onwards, SHA Wellness Clinic will be the first wellness clinic in Spain to offer the Intravascular UV Light Phototherapy treatment, integrated in the Ozone Therapy Unit managed by Dr. This new technique is an innovative system (LED) that applies light in different intravascularly longitudinal waves . The procedure of the UV light is a treatment based on clinical investigations carried out in the last few decades. This treatment decreases the recuperation time following surgical procedures as it has an immediate reduction in inflammation, minimizing the pain and accelerating the wound healing process.

It is carried out with an optic filament that accesses the vascular system through a standard catheter, providing a direct intravenous treatment. The activation of our receptors (such as flavoproteins, porphyrins, hemoglobin and flavines) causes them to become excited when they are exposed to the light, whilst also activating the biochemical pathways directly or indirectly related to them. There is usually a noticeable improvement after a few treatments, but it also depends on the severity of each patient’s state of health. Garcia, the benefits of this treatment are “an increase in energy, strength and resistance, an improvement in the general performance,  as well as sleep behavior and a positive effect on general mood, allowing for a reduction in the consumption of medications.

Garcia also assures that the Intravascular UV Light Phototherapy treatment “optimizes the recovery of the damage caused in the organism during the summer.

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