The lights used to dry nails after Shellac treatments emit UV light, which has been linked to an increased skin cancer risk.
Skin doctors say women should be aware of the cancer risks of using UV lights to dry nails after manicure treatments.
Shellac nail polish, a brand name registered by Creative Nail Design, has become increasingly popular in nail salons because it lasts longer than traditional nail treatments. A small UV light is used to dry and harden the nails, a process that takes only a few minutes. Although anecdotal, the report raised alarms about the potential health risks posed by the drying lights. A dermatologist who spoke to CBC News said fingerless gloves are one way to reduce UV light exposure during the post-manicure drying process. Maureen Snow had her nails done at Toronto's Urban Nails salon using gel nails, a different process than Shellac but one that also uses UV lights for drying. Urban Nails owner Kevin Nguyen said about 75 per cent of his customers opt for the Shellac. I met up with nail expert Teresa Smith of Nails At Work during her press day at the Hospital Club for a Shellac polish. Related PostsInterview with Nail Expert Teresa Smith I love getting my nails done but it's hard to find a good nail technician. I'm not a summer girl, I'm more comfortable in the autumn but I do feel the need to embrace a bit of colour.
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Another selling point, but also the source of warnings from some dermatologists, is how the nails are dried.
Teresa explains "Shellac is great for holidays as they stay chip-free and super shiny for weeks.
I'm quite rough on my hands as I'm constantly dragging suitcases, hanging up clothes and working with fabrics. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment.
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Thin, clear gel that helps protect the nail from daily abuse such as banging, typing and washing.

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