The solar powered Illuminarie gazing globe cap light brightens up your garden gazing globe, providing a continuous soothing green light soure for your garden. Insect electrocuter units rely on black lights to attract insects with ultraviolet (UV) light.
While many applications are ideal for Mercury vapor lamps, they are being challenged by the higher efficiency and better color balance of metal halide and ceramic metal halide lamps, and LED technologies. As in any lighting design, typical lighting design considerations for mercury lamps should include, first and always, the application. Mercury vapor lamps have been used in lighting applications, from streets and parking lots, to landscape lighting, to factories and gymnasiums since the 1940a€™s.
EYE Lighting high performance products have earned a global reputation for excellent color rendering, long-life, reliability, and superior qualitya€¦ testimony to its multiple ISO Certifications, including an ISO 17025 accredited lab. Illuminarie gazing globes provide a wonderful nightscape light source for your garden, bathing your plants and flowers in a phosphorescent glow and lending a whimsical element to any yard.

The sensor in the caplight will automatically turn on the UV LED light on at dusk for about 4-6 hours, increasing glow length and brightness and maintaining a serene night time environment for any garden. The special safety coating on Shat-R-Shield Black Lights makes it possible to place “bug zapper” units in the workplace where unprotected glass is prohibited – critical for the food processing industry.
Determine required and desired light levels, energy efficiency requirements, intensity and clarity of light,  length of life and costs.
While this glow is truly inviting and appealing, it doesn’t last throughout the night and eventually fades away. Pair the UV solar powered cap light with any of our high quality Illuminarie gazing globes for the perfect nighttime garden. In recent years, the advent of color corrected mercury bulbs helped improve the problem of color rendering using a phosphor on the inside of the outer bulb that emits better white light. Mercury lamps are available in medium and mogul base versions; and while most wattages require a ballast to operate, some have an internal start that does not require a ballast (often referred to as a€?self-ballasteda€? mercury).

This phosphor technology offers better color rendition than the more efficient, high or low-pressure sodium vapor lamps, but still falls short of metal halide and ceramic metal halide sources. If used properly under warranty criteria, the coating is guaranteed not to yellow, crack or flake for the rated-life of the lamp. If a Shat-R-Shield fluorescent lamp is accidentally broken, virtually all glass, phosphors and mercury are safely contained within the clear and tough, skin-tight plastic coating.

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