When I selected a design the ladies recommended I’d go for gel nails instead of regular nail polish. Since I have never done anything like this (both nail art and gel nails) I decided to give it a go.
Some specialists claim that it takes the nails about 6 weeks to recover from a gel treatment.
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Thanks for your feedback Lesley and great to hear that gel nails have worked so well for you.
I’ve had gel polish a few times and I think like anything else moderation is the key! Although I think your nails are fun, I prefer a more simple look, just one colour: natural shine or soft pink or, in my case, fireman red, which is my signature colour. One remark about your nails…(sorry) it is possible to get the gel a bit more flat, more natural on your nails. I used to love the groomed look and I got used to the fact I couldn’t scratch myself very well (nails are thicker). But I suffered from a nasty and very dangerous bacteria around my nails, so I had to stop anything that might give me little wounds around my nails.
I love to play with nail art and sometimes just plain colors but my nails are almost always done, I keep them short or they tend to break. I had them done prior to going away on holiday and chose a nude colour so that it would go with any outfit.
Initially I tried to refresh the look by using a very similar nude colour to go over the whole nail. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 14 Day UV Gel Clear Polish uses a specially formulated clear UV gel polish which reacts with UV light from the curing lamp to create gel nails with a very strong, high gloss layer protecting your favourite nail polish from chips, dents and wear for up to 14 days.
UV gel clear polish is suitable for use with all brands of polish and ideal for application on both hands and feet. Rio 14 Day UV Gel Clear Polish, uses a specially formulated clear UV gel polish which reacts with UV light to create strong gel nails, with a high gloss layer protecting your favourite nail polish from chips, dents and wear for up to 14 days. Step 4: Applying nail polish in thin layers will achieve the best results, starting at the centre of the nail leaving a 1mm gap away from the cuticle, brush the polish towards the free edge in one smooth motion.
Click on PDF Instructions below to learn how to remove 14 Day UV Gel Clear Polish and for more top tips and aftercare advice.
Do not use the UV lamp for any other purpose other than those specified in these instructions. This product is not recommended for use on artificial nails or extensions, due to the removal process which will damage the extensions. Having a disease that involves photosensitivity or receiving photosensitising medication (increasing sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation). Not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. If itching, an allergic reaction or skin reddening occurs within 48 hours of treatment, further exposure should cease until medical advice is sought. This is one of those cases where you are a little skeptical about whether it will work, I got this for Christmas and tried it out the same day, used this with a normal nail polish with the gel top coat over the top and it dried so quickly. I now also have gel colour polishes to use with the gel top coat from this kit, its not 5 months since i got this and I change my nail colour every 1-2 weeks and i still have plenty of gel top coat left over!!! In this tutorial, I demonstrate how you can pinch the c-curve into a gel nail using Akzentz UV Classic Gels.
De un tiempo a esta parte, vengo haciendo pruebas con distintos tipos de lampara, de esmaltes y de geles para poderos hablar con todo detalle sobre esmaltado permanente que nos podemos hacer cualquiera de nosotras en casa con unos resultados mas que aceptables.
Os voy a comentar varias opciones y de entre ellas, cada cual que luego pueda elegir la que le parezca mejor. Hay que tener en cuenta, que no todos los esmaltes semipermanentes secan en lampara UV y no todos estan hechos para secar en lampara led.
Aun no siendo un esmaltado permanente con formato pintaunas, os voy a dejar este enlace en el que os hablaba en su dia de los geles de color, por si a alguna le apetece mas esta opcion. Podeis encontrarlos en webs especializadas y sus precios varian en funcion de la marca elegida y del tamano de los envases.
Estos esmaltes a mi me gustan muchisimo, pero hay un problema, y es que no se pueden comprar directamente si no esta acreditada como profesional y ademas tienes un centro. El unico inconveniente que les veo, es que tienden a moverse, por lo que tienes que ser un poquitin habil si quieres hacer decoraciones con ellos o por ejemplo una manicura francesa.

De precio son algo caros tambien, pero el resultado  es muy bueno y la carta de colores bastante extensa. Al igual que los esmaltes anteriores, tienden a moverse, por lo que tienes que ser un poquitin habil si quieres hacer decoraciones con ellos o por ejemplo una manicura francesa. En su dia os hable del el kit de Sensationail en esta entrada, pero este kit yo no lo he probado personalmente, asi que no puedo deciros si bueno o malo porque no lo se, pero considero que siendo una opcion tan al alcance de la mano, tenia que hacer referencia a ello. Para las que quieran darle un vistazo, esta disponible en El Corte Ingles o en Sephora y su precio ronda los 75 euros. No he podido ver ni tocar fisicamente la lampara ya que no tienen ninguna en exposicion y los kits vienen precintados. Se pueden comprar por separado y a modo de kit, los recambios de los productos basicos, que aunque parezca un kit de manicura francesa, no lo es. La ventaja de que el kit no traiga el esmalte, es que puedes elegir el color que mas te convenga. En cuanto al tamano de la lampara que es pequenisima y muy ligera, y el tamano del adaptador de corriente que es aproximadamente del tamano del cargador de un movil, debo decir que me parecen ideales para utilizar en casa o para llevarlos de vacaciones porque ocupan nada y menos. Por otro lado, comentaros que con esta lampara que trae el kit, yo tambien he utilizado otros de los esmaltes permanentes que tengo y que el resultado ha sido tan duradero y perfecto como con los de su propia marca. Los esmaltes que yo he probado, tienen una consistencia mas densa de trabajar que los esmaltes normales. Si bien hay esmaltes que me han parecido mas faciles de trabajar que estos y lamparas mucho mas solidas que la que incluye el kit, eran muchisimo mas caros al ser de tipo profesional. If we've tempted you into getting your nails done, then you'll be glad to hear that there's plenty of places in Swindon where you can get a whole range of gorgeous nails & colours.
I decided I wanted some arty nails, so off I went to one of Singapore’s affordable nail salons to get it done. I noticed that my nails are a bit more irritable after the procedure and I remembered some stories of other bloggers having negative experiences. TheĀ UV light from lamps used to set the gel manicures have the same kind of damaging effects as a sunbed.
You will need to soak your nails in pure acetone, which is very drying to the fingers or file them off. Time will tell and I will update this article later with any final observations or write a separate one if I have a lot to add. To me it feels like my nails are suffocating under the varnish and I can’t keep them nice for long. I have had gel nails about 2 years they protect my nails from ripping and bleeding which is painful.
I like to look good, but anything that increases my risk of cancer is not going to be applied to my body. First they use an emery board to file down some of the gel, then they soak your nails in acetone, then they scrape off the rest! I definitely noticed that they didn’t last as long as when they were done with UV, but I think I prefer the LED for health reasons. I don’t know whether it had anything to do with the gel nails or not as this is a bacteria which everybody carries on their body. I definitely wonder what it will be like to remove the gel… Sofar the nails are still going strong. I have had gel nails done and they peeled before two weeks were up, lasted about 8 days, apparently I am very hard on my nails.
She is well aware of the fact that, for some reason, nail varnish chips on me very easily, sometime within hours. I usually manage to smudge my manicure before I leave the salon, but the gel didn’t chip or peel. I’ve been a Nail Tech for 6 years and whoever you got your information from is mental. This is the most important part of applying nail polish, if the nails are not correctly prepared the polish will not have a silky smooth salon finish and may not last as long. It is important to apply base coat to your nails before applying your favourite coloured nail polish.
Allow plenty of time for application, you will need to allow approximately 30 minutes drying time between coloured nail polish and UV Top Coat application.Preparing the nails. Requieren mayor  experiencia para ser trabajados, pero los resultados son muy bonitos y son muy duraderos. Yo he probado diez o doce tonos y ninguno me hace aguas, si bien, algunos son mas cubrientes que otros.
Al igual que los anteriores esmaltes, estos tampoco tienen distribucion al publico, por lo que si no eres profesional con centro, no tienes opcion de comprarlos (estos no los he visto ni en Feria). Yo he probado cinco o seis tonos y ninguno me hace aguas, si bien, algunos son mas cubrientes que otros.

Incluye la lampara led, un esmalte mini y un kit basico con los productos imprescindibles en mini talla. No puedo deciros que tipo de textura tienen, si hacen aguas, si cubren o si son muy transparentes. Este kit contiene en su interior una mini lampara led con su adaptador a la corriente, contiene tambien las miniaturas de los productos necesarios para la aplicacion del esmaltado en casa, pero curiosamente, no incluye ningun esmalte.
El precio del kit y el de los esmaltes es muy ajustado si comparamos con lo que hay en el mercado actualmente. Esto hace que al aplicarlos tengas que poner muy poquita cantidad para que la capa de esmalte no sea muy gruesa o corremos el peligro de que se arruguen al curarlos en la lampara. They change colour with movement and sometimes the special dots are pink, other times silver, gold or blue.
I could not do that as my nails (in their natural state) cannot handle any varnish: they break and split (in levels) and again it takes the time to grow from bed to tip before they are reasonable again.
It does not have to be a photo of yourself (although that would be nice), but can be anything (that is not offensive). I have mine done in a salon as well and when I choose a neutral color they last for a whole month. Base coat helps to prolong the life of your polish and also stops any staining on the natural nail plate. Need a new lamp from overuse but has lasted me well and the product is worth 5 stars every time.
I was so impressed with this i actually brought a UV tunnel style lamp so that I could dry a full hand at a time but i would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting longer lasting nail colour. If you are filling a nail, the existing nail will create a barrier and there will be no heat.
Yo lo he visto con esmalte rojo fuego o rojo metalizado a elegir, no se si venderan el kit con otros colores de esmalte. Por tanto, para poder utilizar el kit, debes adquirir tambien, uno de los esmaltes permanentes, en el color que mas te guste.
I had mine done a few weeks ago because I was going to a few networking events and I believe it’s important to look well groomed. I can tell you they were gel and have been around before 1995, as I know I had red nails when I got married in 1995. The best way for any of the Rita’s to distinguish themselves would be to add another letter maybe, eg.
I tried several salons, I think they are fine if you are willing to keep them up, they were also good when I needed to have the manicure last at least a week but otherwise I find it easier to wear regular polish that I can touch up or change quickly. Not all salons do the removal process in foils I have found, but it is by far the best way of doing it.
The rays are so small and the time you have your hands in the machine so little that it doesn’t do any damage. I opted for black and white combinations to fit in with the high contrast graphical trend and to give me many options as to what I could wear throughout the week. I know both my daughter and daughter in law had about the same experiences and neither of them were willing to try gels again so I think it really depends on what works for each individual. Your nails are wrapped in foils with a pad soaked in an acetone remover that only contacts your nail itself not the skin. Gel doesn’t cause the nail to thin, if anything in strengthens the nail hence why clients use this as a great alternative to acrylic nails. Saying it can potentially lead to infections is like saying if you drive a car if could crash!
The difference, is that instead of a thick ultra-white band at the end of the nail, it is a much softer, natural white.. Each layer of gel always appears tacky after curing, this is completely normal.Once you have applied and cured 3 layers of Clear UV Gel Polish Top Coat use Finishing Wipe on a Lint Free Wipe to gently remove the tacky top layer revealing the hardened, glossy gel underneath.
Also, this is easy to do on my own once a week, and holds up well, unlike coloured polishes, which I always manage to chip and ruin in no time! Removing 14 Day UV Gel Clear PolishFirst wash your hands and towel dry then carefully saturate a piece of cotton wool the size of your nail plate with the Acetone Solution.
Place the saturated piece of cotton wool onto the nail plate and secure the cotton wool in place with short lengths of foil. Repeat removal procedure on the other hand and once polish is fully removed from both hands, wash and dry hands thoroughly.
Try to meticulously remove all residual cuticle cells from the nail plate before proceeding to the next stage and do not touch the nail plate after the preparation stage to prevent contamination with skin oils.

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