Let's talk about gel manicures, since y'all seem to be curious or want to talk about them or whatever. Now, I am sure that other brands might have different products that do similar things, and that is fine. In closing, I think gel manicures are pretty nice if you have a lot going on, and you don't have time to keep your nails nice. You make me look like I might actually have some muscle tone, instead of looking like I am a tub of flan, which is how I usually look.
If you want to enter and maybe win a Naked Palette, Black Honey lip thinger, and 2 bottles of my nail polish, or a Naked Basics Palette, Black Honey lip thinger and 1 bottle of my polish, make sure to enter by February 14th!!
Three weeks ago I got my first Shellac Manicure done at the Handpicked Media LFW suite by Ted Baker and was super excited! It is applied in sheer coats and then placed under the UV light, I had about three coats applied but it wasn’t quite as opaque as I would had liked. Not too sure I would get Shellac again, I don’t think I would if I had to pay for it at least, although I think it may work better for others. I was recommended shellacs but didn't take up on the offer because I wanted my acrylic extensions done that time. I agree with Tate, having had shellac, bio, opi Axxium and gelish, gelish lasts well on me for up to 3 weeks.

The idea of shellac is great but the people who would pay for shellac aren't really the people who want their nails the same (boring) colour for 2 weeks and then the regrowth is really bad. I do my own Shellac and Gellish and it is so important to apply it properly without getting any on the skin otherwise it will lift.
I had Shellac done for my wedding as chipped polish drives me mad and I would of hated it if it was chipped on the day.
I love that the UV light means the colours dry instantly which is especially nice at an event where you need to grab your camera in one hand, handbag in the other and somehow balance a drink too. My nails grow super fast and my normal nail varnish looks better at 2 weeks than this does!
I have the same problem as you, my nails grow very fast, even within two or three days and a normal polish, my nails have growth. The colour range could be better but I tend to funk up application with glitters and foils. I had put on three times first to test it, second to find my wedding day shade and thirst for the actual day.
Shellac is a polish which they apply over the nail and then set under a UV light, it isn’t a nail extension but does make the nails quite strong (whilst on) meaning used for a long time you can achieve longer nails. They remained shinny but I was beginning to get fed up of the grey, they had grown out half a cm in just 2 weeks and quite a few fingers now had chips.

I'm really clumsy and managed to chip even my acrylics nails so god knows how I would be with these.
I love Bourjois 10 day nail polish is my favourite because it lasts without chipping for 4-5 days on me, and then I redo my nails on the weekend. I think your nails were not prepared properly before hand, and I don't think your technician was that careful (curing product on the skin is a total no no its how allergies can start), thought I guess they were rushing as it was at an event not in a salon. My mum has recently bought a red carpet manicure kit, which is similar to shellac and they have a bigger range of colours.I have had shellac last over a month on my toe nails.
Obviously this is just my own opinion, not everyone gets as bored as quickly as me and some peoples nails grow far slower than mine. I might try them one day but it seems that it's not as amazing ad you'd like them to be! When you get bored of the colour you can paint regular nail polish over the top, you can also remove that with non-acetone remover & the gel polish will still be intact. I do my own soak off gel nails, started with the Red Carpet Manicure LED kit, and moved on to use Gelish, OPI Gelcolor etc.

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