The elecromagnetic spectrum shows light in all its possible wavelengths, measured in nanometers (nm.).
Gels need photoinitiators in them to activate the other molecules and turn the gel into a hard plastic.
The thing with photoinitiators is that the most easily activated ones on the market are bright orange, which when placed inside already pigmented gels will be overpowered and not noticed, but in clear gels they stand out. This time of the year can be very stressful so why not pamper yourself with a relaxing Spa Pedicure in our brand new massage chairs.
The Royal Nail offers manicures in a wide choice of Gel II™ Reaction colours, including some of the newly released Reaction Remix range. If you live across or out of town, we now accept phone credit card payments – please call us on 03 349 9839. Before her tragic death in 2012, Whitney Houston sang Stevie's song at her 2010 concert in South Africa – who knew then that she had only two years left? Creative Nail Design (CND) make a point of differentiating their Shellac ™ brand from other competing brands by stating that Shellac is not a gel polish.
Gelish currently offers 112 colours while Shellac is offering 40 colours (including 3 primaries, 3 secondaries and 3 chromes) and 15 "Effects" (pearls, shimmers and sparkles). Gelish advertises a 3 week manicure, while Shellac claims 2 weeks plus duration in their marketing.
I don't think it's a matter of one being better than the other, just that they are different and serve different types of clients. Now while some nail salons (and clients) feel Gelish is to Shellac what Robin is to Batman (his weaker sidekick), there are also plenty of salons (and clients) who rate Gelish superior to Shellac. For starters, you have to soak them off with 100% pure acetone (unlike traditional polish removers that are cut with gentler chemicals and nail strengtheners), and the harsh solution can cause nails to weaken, and in some cases spur an eczema-like rash on the skin around the nails. But the worst damage comes after a few weeks, when the polish starts chipping, and you take it upon yourself to help it along by peeling or filing it off.
If you’re determined to stick with gel manicures, when the time comes to remove it, ask your technician to wrap nails in acetone-soaked cotton, and then cover with foil – this method requires less soaking time.
THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT. Shellac manicures consist of a smudge proof coloured gel that look like nail polish but are scratch resistant and quick to remove. Shellac nails looks great and last up to 2 weeks without losing their glossy finish making them perfect for the modern woman. Treatment times are approximate, a therapist will discuss and confirm at the time of booking. The new crop of LED gel lamps on the market have caused a bit of confusion as to the benefits and differences between LED and the standard UV lamps techs have been using for years. All light is categorized by its different wavelengths, which you can see charted here as the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

The majority of clear or lightly pigmented photoinitiators on the market today become activated in wavelengths that are outside of the typical wavelengths that LED lamps emit.
The photoinitiators in the gel are designed to work at precisely the same wavelengths as the lights emit. Gel II™ Reaction, the hottest new gel polish manicure taking the world by storm is available now at The Royal Nail.
If you'd prefer to purchase a voucher online (and hold a NZ bank account) please email us for information about this. To keep things simple, I'm concentrating on these two, however there are a number of gel nail polish brands available. There is an argument between those that use Shellac and Gelish that Shellac is better because you don't buff the nail beforehand therefore you aren't 'damaging' the nail. When it comes to withstanding New Zealand’s brutally strong rays, both of these super-durable gel nail polishes kick ass! The quick-drying lacquers have a chemical component that hardens under a UV light, delivering glossy color that last for weeks without chipping or losing its sheen. The top layer of the nail often comes with it, leaving nails thin and susceptible to water damage. Or opt out all together and try one of the new gel-alternative topcoats that keeps nails glossy, but can be taken off safely with regular ol’ polish remover. Shellac nails dry within minutes under a UV light making them perfect for professional woman or mums when time is precious.
To help clear up the subject, NAILS has highlighted the biggest differences between the two so you can be better informed on lamp purchases and maintenance. A key note to understand is that LED lights are actually UV lights also, because they emit light that is within the UV spectrum (specifically UV-A). So because CFLs have a broader wavelength output, they are typically more effective at curing most clear gels. Gel II™ (Gel Two) Reaction is a temperature activated, colour changing gel polish that evolves beautifully with your body heat and lasts for around three weeks! Alternatively, you can make a cheque out to The Royal Nail and post it to: The Royal Nail, Shop 418 Dress-Smart, 409 Main South Road, Hornby, Christchurch 8042. This year's Valentines came and went like it does every year with countless millions around the planet sharing love's thrill and countless others not.
Romantic love, lust love, friend love, pet love, family love, even orphaned child on TV can't hold back the tears love. To be honest, apart from reading a few reviews and comments on internet nail forums, I don't know as much about these other products.
The long-life and durability of gel polishes make them a good choice all year round, but especially so over summer when sun, sand and surf bring The Curse of The Disappearing Manicure (see previous post).
However, without the marketing power of CND, Gelish had a softer introduction than that of Shellac.

And lets face it, CND's superior marketing power has made it much more well known than Gelish. Both products offer a high gloss finish that will wear without chipping or peeling for 2 to 3 weeks. But at the end of the day, shouldn't it be you the customer who decides which system works best for you? At that point you have to wait until a new, healthy nail plate grows in, which could take months.
The traditional UV lights we’ll call compact fluorescent lights (UV CFL), after the bulbs they use. Please include a note stating the dollar amount or amounts you would like on each voucher (or vouchers), and let us know your mailing address.
I've listed some of them here with links if you're interested: Gelcolor by OPI, Axxium by OPI, Gelac by IBD, Gelez by EZ Flow, Gel FX by Orly and others.
I cannot clarify what the difference is, and I don't really want to get into that kind of detail because in my opinion, for the most part, they are all basically the same.
Gelish does require a light buffing of the nail plate however this doesn't harm the nail whatsoever, as long as its done properly!
However, I do believe Gelish is more durable and better for people who are hard on their nails. At The Royal Nail, we offer you the freedom to choose between a Gelish or a Shellac treatment or both! Clear photoinitiators with good absorbance rates into this range (the purple line) are used in clear gels.
To see the colours transform right before your eyes, run hands under cold water to get dark colours and warm water for soft brilliant colours. All brands apply smoothly like polish, use a base coat, colour and top coat, and are cured under UV light – in the case of Gelish you can also use an LED lamp which makes it much quicker to apply. If you are completely against having your nails buffed then Gelish can be applied without - I have yet to witness a breakdown in the product because this step has been missed.
Personally I think both brands are great, and at the end of the day the choice is down to you as a client because both Shellac and Gelish are fabulous! No-one really cares if Batman beats Spiderman or Superman or Wonderwoman or whoever, what matters is that the curse of the disappearing manicure has been broken.
Our once pristine manicures have quickly faded and chipped, their former glory robbed by the elements.
But wait, what if you had some kind of special super-hero manicure that offered powerful, long lasting protection from the elements?

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