An ultraviolet (UV) ray detector is a device which uses photoelectric cells to detect the presence of UV rays and the amounts in which they can be found.
UV rays are emitted primarily by the sun, but also by certain light emitting and electronic devices, such as black lights and tanning beds. The use of a UV detector may also come in handy with consumers for finding out how much UV radiation is entering their homes and buildings through windows and certain electronic devices.
Most times the UV detector will need to be connected to a printer or computer in order to view readings.
This wide spectrum (300-1050 nm) digital meter measures solar radiant energy intensity directly transmitted thru glass (or the film-glass combination) in units of BTUs per square foot per hour or watts per square foot. Extremely useful for measuring glass thicknesses in monolithic or IG units, the thicknesses of air gaps in IG units, determining whether glass is laminated, and which surfaces have low-e or other reflective coatings. Powerful & important, this pocket-sized tool is for the flat glass market, used to determine which, if any, panes in window unit are heat-treated. The ETEKT line of LOW-E Coating instruments has become the industry standard for detecting the presence and location of thermal resistant coatings (LOW-E) used on energy efficient single and dual lite glass and window assemblies. The meters can be used to test for LOW-E coatings in sealed Insulating Glass (IG) assemblies. This wide spectrum photo cell (sensitive to both the visible and infrared bands of the solar spectrum) measures solar radiant energy intensity directly transmitted thru glass (or the film-glass combination) in units of BTUs per square foot per hour or watts per square meter. The ACT1421 shows the performance of your film, identifies coatings and film, and proves to your customer that your product reduces fading by controlling visible light. Essential to measure compliance with auto tint laws regulating visible light transmission and reflection, this new meter is capable of accurately  metering both!
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Simplicity itself, this black light bulb sits neatly into pretty much any bayonet style light fitting in lamps or light fixtures and gives off a constant stream of UV light, which is perfect for super-charging glow in the dark products and highlighting anything with fluorescent colours.
This bulb is actually a fluorescent tube formed into the shape of a light bulb, much like modern 'Energy Saving' light bulbs. Ideal for people wanting to play with black light without having to change batteries or mount any new light-fixtures to the wall.
They don't put out huge amounts of UV light (compared to a 4ft tube for example, understandably), so you would need a few to UV light an average room effectively.
Bought this to super charge glow in the dark painted ceiling and walls for little ones room.
Reviews are visible to everybody, so please keep your feedback appropriate for all audiences. At the turn of the century, UV radiation in space and its characteristics has been better understood. UV radiation is further divided into UV-A (320-400 nm), UV-B (290-320), and UV-C (220-290 nm).

An independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public. Climate Central surveys and conducts scientific research on climate change and informs the public of key findings.
Members of the Climate Central staff and board are among the most respected leaders in climate science. We've talked before about the sun-climate connection, which is often invoked as the great missing link in understanding climate change.
But none of that answers the question of whether the current warming of the climate is mostly attributable to a changing sun, or whether, as the vast majority of climate scientists have shown, is due mostly to greenhouse gases generated by human civilization. You might think this would be good news for people who insist global warming has more to do with the sun than with driving SUV's and burning coal. They are generally used to test lighting fixtures and electronics to discover the amounts of UV emitted before being sold to consumers. When used in correct doses, UV rays can have health benefits like increased vitamin D production and treatment for some skin conditions. This is a good idea for anyone attempting to use items that are meant for UV ray production to ensure that they are not getting too much too quickly.
Some detectors may also be useful at detecting the presence of UV radiation above a certain level, while others can give exact readings on the amounts of UV radiation being emitted by particular items. Effective tool showing the relative effectiveness of various films in blocking solar radiant heat. This case can be modified, through addition or removal of special inserts, to accommodate several various-sized meters. Knowing this allows use of films that would otherwise be inappropriate on regular annealed glass. The ETEKTs are rugged, handheld instruments that are accurate, easy to use, and never require calibration. No more destructive testing to determine if the invisible LOW-E coating has been correctly applied and installed in your IG windows. This UV Black Light Bulb fits into a regular bayonet fitting on almost any lamp or ceiling light. Great value for money and an instant fun party effect with no hassle (simply put them in your regular light fitting) One of ours stopped working after a few days but after a quick phone call to your customer services and a replacement was quickly despatched to arrive the following day. It lies between the electromagnetic spectrum of x-ray, which is 40 nm and visible light, 400 nm. UV rays have smaller wavelengths and therefore, have a greater amount of energy in contrast to the visible light. UV-A and UV-B have longer wavelengths than UV-C which means they do not have as much energy as UV-C does. Our scientists publish and our journalists report on climate science, energy, sea level rise . Staff members are authorities in communicating climate and weather links, sea level rise, climate .

UV detector devices can also be used by consumers to find out how much UV radiation is in their homes, businesses, and other locations and sometimes where the rays are coming from. In higher amounts, UV radiation can cause serious damage to skin’s DNA and may result in skin cancer.
Many industrial companies must also frequently test their facilities for UV rays to ensure the health of their employees. Each model has a different level of sensitivity and can detect levels below a specific point and above. Especially useful for showing how a very dark dyed film may allow far more energy to pass thru than a much lighter metallic film.
Especially useful for showing how a very dark dyed film may allow far more energy to pass thru than a much lighter metallized film.
The digital display is continually updated with real-time readings, allowing the user to take readings continuously.
While there are many artificial sources of UV radiation, the sun is still the primary source of radiation in nature. However, recent development points out that UV rays may actually travel in small packets of photons. Because of the high energy that they contain, UV rays have the capability to cause molecules and even atoms to split, causing changes in the chemical component and even genetic make-up of living organisms.
Because of this, UV-A and UV-B do not have enough energy to react with ozone which enables them to pass through the ozone layer with ease.
When the sun gets brighter or dimmer, the relative amounts of those different kinds of light change. Over the past century, the Sun has, scientists believe, gotten just a bit brighter overall — which is why climate scientists have always acknowledged that some of the warming in the 20th century, though not much of it, really has been due to the sun. For this reason, a UV detector should be used for any product meant to treat patients with low levels of ultraviolet rays to ensure that they do not receive an overdose. The level at which many can detect UV rays is at or just below that which would be harmful for humans with prolonged or repeated exposure.
The ACT1421 is powered by a 9-volt battery (included) and uses an end-mount sensor to take measurements. For full details on this must-have new device, click the link to the user's  manual below. What Haigh and her colleagues found was that between 2004 and 2007, although the sun overall got a little dimmer, the amount of light in the visible part of the spectrum got brighter, contributing to global warming. UV-C, on the other hand, because of its higher energy, breaks the bonds between molecules of the ozone and therefore, is prevented from entering into the earth. In other words, global warming would have been even greater, according to this hypothesis, if the sun hadn't brightened.

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