Former Perco directors, Gary Houghton and Nick Sheehan have launched iLine, a new nationwide business specialising in UV Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining of gravity sewers and culverts. Houghton and Sheehan are well known throughout the industry for their innovative approach to trenchless technology and were responsible for introducing UV cured in place lining to the UK in 2004.
Nick Sheehan, iGroup’s sales and estimating director commented ‘the introduction of UV cured CIPP lining into the UK was a major advance in sewer rehabilitation. We create high poly and low poly models of creatures, characters, robots, vehicles and etc.

They established UV cured CIPP lining as a more reliable and faster to install alternative to traditional, hot water cured needle felt liners. EnviroCIPPTM also offers much faster curing times when compared to previous generation of light curing systems, cutting installation times by around 20% when compared to conventional UV cured CIPP liners. Our models are created  with UV maps, textures and correct topology ready for productions in movies, games or advertisments. It has the added advantage of being available in larger diameters up to 1500mm and higher resistance to abrasion than competitors’ liners..

This species of coral glows brightly when illuminated in long wave ultra-violet (UV) light.

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