As reported by the Washington Examiner, a study from Stony Brook University “has proven that CFLs do emit ultraviolet (UV) light rays that can harm human skin cells.”  CFLs are compact fluorescent light bulbs – the expensive spiral light bulbs we have been forced to begin using, after incandescent light bulbs were regulated out of existence. Note: If you wish to ship this item 2nd day air or Overnight shipping, there will be an additional $100 charge added to the shipping costs because of the large nature of the item. Disinfection of drinking water, waste water, swimming pools, air conditioning systems, cold storage rooms, packing materials etc.
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Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are radioactive and add more toxicity to the environment than regular light bulbs because they contain mercury.
There is truth in claims that CFLs give off ultraviolet (UV) radiation and contain mercury, but studies show that those concerns have been exaggerated.

Many have interpreted the law to mean that consumers must use CFLs, but that isn’t the case. Claims that CFLs are radioactive and toxic have been around since Congress introduced the bill. Finally, the claim that CFLs add more toxicity to the environment than regular bulbs because of their mercury content is false. Please do share this useful information with your friends and family by hitting one of the share buttons below.
Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin and the eyes and can cause serious skin burns and eye injury either from direct or reflected radiation.
Here is one topic that has been circulating that we hope you appreciate finding the solid truth on, so you can make the appropriate decisions for your family’s well being. The law doesn’t restrict the types of light bulbs that can be sold, just the amount of energy they use. Researchers at Stony Brook University found that UV leaked from cracks in the phosphor coatings on CFLs.

CFLs actually reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment because less energy is required to use them.
The bill required screw-based light blubs to use fewer watts for similar brightness by 2014 to save energy. Their study found that CFLs should not be used at close distances and should be placed behind glass covers.
That means less mercury-emitting coal needs to be burned, the National Institutes of Health reports.
The bill also requires most light bulbs to be 60-70% more efficient than regular incandescent light bulbs by 2020. The UV radiation was on par with what is given off by standard fluorescent lights, so the risk for skin damage is not great.

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