However, just in case you missed the movie, UltraViolet (SPOILER ALERT!) The Plot: A group of genetically engineered humans called Hemophages, had enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. Most teenagers probably have some black light bulbs in their bedroom to make their rock posters glow.
Other than the hip use of black light bulbs, UVA is a tool for those who are involved in pest control. Those are covered with a material known as a pheromone which makes the flying insects really horny. Just make sure you hang the insect catcher in a place where it’s protected from rain and UltraViolet, the superhero from the 2006 action picture.

The insects are tempted to UV light between 350 and 370 nanometers in wavelength, most noticeably at 365 nm. Al Einstein says that you can bend light, but on a small scale UV bulbs in the trap don’t bend around corners. Some of the products you can check-out are the Satalite, Fly Trap Professional, Cento and Luralite fly traps.
Smack dab in the middle of the UVA spectrum.  Obviously, this method of eliminating soaring pests is less toxic that spraying. One rogue warrior is bent on protecting her race – and seeking revenge on those who changed her life forever.

You’ll probably have to replace the pads once-a-month and change the ultraviolet light bulbs about every year.
With fierce fighting skills and chameleon-like abilities, Violet sets out to destroy a governments-designed time bomb that will eliminate all Hemophages.
To Violet’s surprise, the deadly device is a nine-year-old boy, who was raised in a laboratory and goes by the name Six.

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