Our long history of community involvement has been recognized through awards, but that’s not why we’re involved. LED lighting bulb packaging box,design make PVC packaging box for light bulb, View pvc box for light bulb, OEM Product Details from Shenzhen Jialibao Plastic Co., Ltd. Black light lamps (BL’s) are often called UV lamps, and for practical purposes they are one in the same. THE COATED AND UNCOATED LAMPS SOLD BY XTRABRITE HAVE BEEN LABORATORY TESTED USING LIVE FLIES WITH VERY POSITIVE RESULTS. The level of UV produced by fluorescent bulbs deteriorates throughout the life of the bulb. As a result, it is recommended that UV bulbs be replaced annually to ensure they remain effective in producing useful levels of UV. We’re environmentalist every day, and we go the distance to manage these specialty items in the best way possible. The three primary coatings used on BL’s, are FEP- TEFLON (Fluorinated ethylene propylene), NUCREL and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye but very visible to a fly as well as other flying insects.
While the bulb will continue to glow blue indefinitely, after approximately 8,000 hours the amount of useful UV (which humans cannot see) drops to a level where it is no longer a strong attractant to flying insects.
Black lights are also used in several other applications such as chemical processing, photo polymerization and mineral detection. Studies have shown that FEP is one of the best materials to allow passage of UV light for the longest periods of time and is also guaranteed for the life of the lamp.
Black lights are produced by companies in the light bulb business, like GE, Phillips, Havells-SLI and Sylvania. Other plastic coating materials used on fluorescent lamps, such as PMP, may break down much faster, potentially minimizing the strength and performance of containing the glass and minerals during breakage as well as potentially clouding the coating, which could result in a reduction of the number of flies attracted to the ILT’s. When ILT manufacturers build ILT fixtures they spec in the light bulbs that are already on the market and incorporate them into their fixture. Ultraviolet light (rays) are measured in nanometers (Click links on the specific BL’s for more information).

This type of lamp is used by PCO’s in hand held rodent detection units to identify rodent urine left on mice runways. Private labeling makes it more difficult to identify the standard lamp type used in the ILT, promotes repeat business for the ILT manufacturer and can make it appear that the lamp is special in some way.
You also may have seen them used in the CSI shows on TV (where they identify bodily fluids). Choosing a brand name lamp that has been successfully tested to attract flies is a wise choice. One kind of black light lamp attracts certain flying insects and is typically used inside insect light traps, while another type of lamp is used for inspecting for contamination.

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