The Genus Spectra Fly Trap featues a modern design and superior performance for the ultimate in professional fly control traps.
For use in: supermarkets, restaurants, food processing plants, office buildings, hotels and other commercial establishments.
Before I put this unit up I expected to see at least one fly every day in my garage, but now I do not see any flies at all except for the ones caught on the units sticky boards!
These products are not available in stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart or Ace Hardware.
The Mantis 1x2 Fly Light is ready for use right out of the box and requires no tools or setup. The GT-480 Industrial Adhesive Insect Light Trap is a vertical or horizontal wall mount design. Please refer to and follow the directions on the Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light product label. Pest control may look simple but without knowledge of pest biology, habits, product formulation and active ingredients you may not achieve the desired results. If you are having problems resolving your pest problem why not call to arrange a professional inspection. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. CheckRate Approved To demonstrate our strength as an online provider and e-commerce store, we now carry a daily updated certificate on our stores to show we are trustworthy and have a secure credit rating. This powerful fly light trap has 2 x 36 watt bulbs for a total of 72 watts of UV light, providing a faster catch and wider coverage. They were amazed by the beauty and style of the product and asked me to order 2 new pieces! However, creating a account is useful for viewing order history and a quicker checkout process. But my searching stopped when I was able to find this astonishing gardner ws 85 Light Traps!

I never seem to get the concept right for some reason but when a few weeks ago, I got the Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light, I got totally impressed by the efficiency of the flytrap.
The stylish design of the flytraps combines a V-shape wall sconce light and a hidden flying insect trap.
I am assuming this is electric, right?So does it come with an electric cord to plug in or does it need to be installed by an electrician? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions either before or after placing your order. I generally only cover the Leeds and wider LS postcode areas areas but travel nationwide to deal with larger problems such as bed bugs in hotels. The Genus Spectra Fly Light is perfect for food handling and food service areas, where a quick fly catch and sleek, clean appearance is important. I liked the discreet, slick and modern design of the Genus Spectra and figured, if it costs so much it must be good. The Mantis includes two 15-watt UV bulbs and a large glue board to trap flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. In fact, true flies, which include mosquitoes, gnats, flesh flies, and midges, are the ones that annoy me the most.
The GT-480 utlizes3 large and 3 smaller adhesive insect trapping boards for maximum capacity between services.
Flying insects are captured and hidden from view on replaceable adhesive glue pads at the top of the sconce trap. Flying insects are captured and hidden from view on replaceable adhesive panels at the top of the sconce trap. After a week of using the pest control product, I could already see a difference where the fly population in my home is concerned.
When I first came across the Pestmall blog while browsing the Internet for innovative fly control solutions, I was amazed by the whole arsenal of fly control products available on there and I just could not make up my mind about which one to order.
Both products incorporate a unique swing open front that moves the tubes away from the large glue area glueboard, allowing quick and simple glueboard replacement.

We can advise on how best to deal with your pest issue and what products will be most useful. The Genus Spectra is thin, at just 2.7 inches wide and can be installed vertically, horizontally or in corners. Because the interior of my home shows different shades of gold and white, I thought that the Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light would be just perfect and I was right. However if I am are unable to attend I should be able to recommend a local pest controller.
Great for supermarkets, restaurants, food processing plants, office buildings, hotels and more.
In the 1st 2 weeks it caught 4 flies (not kidding!) I contacted the company and was told that, that is pretty good and to buy other chemicals to combat my fly problem. I liked the discreet, slick and modern design of the Genus Spectra and figured at this low cost and great reviews, it must be good.
Mantis 1x2 Fly Light trap is absolutely a “ready-to-go out of the box and need not to do anything” thing! Where I live, flies tend to be annoyingly numerous and over the years, I tried perhaps hundreds of fly control traps of all sorts really but nothing worked as they should have.
For best results, bulbs should be replaced every 6 months and glue boards every 30-60 days. The Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light is innovative and it has the added benefit of being appealing to the eyes of beholders. The Gold Vein goes really well with the gold, black, and aquamarine color scheme of the interior of the house! I contacted the company to tell them what a great product this is and they told that, that is pretty good and it will take care of any fly problem.

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