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Sorta seems like it has, bottom to top: the projector, a transparent reservoir full of magic goo, the downward-facing build platform. I agree the goo costs more but it is different than just normal plasic proably specal handleing etc. Also I imagine it wouldn’t take long for someone with a reprap to make something that can hold a glass bottom and have the extruder head or something in place of it hold a bolt to pick it up. You basically just need a black & white image of the whole layer with the parts you want solid in white.
And if you had a decent feed system for the goo, you wouldn’t need much more than the volume of the object. Same exact concept as this professional machine that has been on the market for almost 10 years now.

Two reasons for DLP: Higher UV output (LCDs need UV filters to prevent the LCD degrading, DLPs are almost immune to UV so little filtering is needed), and much higher contrast than LCD (or more importantly, much lower black levels).
First of all, thank you very much for posting the information and comments about the 3d printer that I am working on… as you can see I already got some great results but still have some room for improvements.
1) I am not using UV light and UV resin, but visible light resin (cures with wavelength near UV (400nm)) and special visible light lamp that emits near UV light. 2) The bottom up process is very good as you don’t need to worry about resin level and quantity as you need on SLA.
DLP based SLA is not a new concept, and companies such as Zcorp have already introduced very similar products. With that said, I would be extremely cautious when it comes to building a business model around offering this to hobbyists. But how do you stop the newly cured layer of resin sticking to the lower plate, where the image is projected through ? Ze halen precies die dingen weg waar mijn oog door werd aangetrokken (mooie ronde billen en dijen).

Niet verbazingwekkend dat vooral meisjes en vrouwen, maar ik denk in toenemende mate ook jongens en mannen, hier psychische last van ondervinden.
Looks like it drops the build platform so that it’s just a hair above the very bottom of the pool, fires the DLP projector for however long is needed to solidify the goo, raise Z up enough to detach from the bottom of the pool and let more goo flow in then drop Z back down for the next layer. Even a moderate res like 1024×768 shrunk to a 10^2cm area would produce a pretty fine resolution. Het is al langer bekend: meiden meten elkaar af op slank, slanker, slankst, maar voor mannen hoeft dat niet. I’m not sure printing like this even needs support structures but if it did, you could probably do them with making parts of the image gray.

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