UV Leds are commonly being employed for the instantaneous drying of inks in industrial printers, adhesives used in a variety of industries including medical device manufacture and automotive assemblies and for drying of UV curable coatings. Deep UV LED diode UV water purifier use, View led uv water purifier, Royalighting Product Details from Shenzhen Royalighting Technology Co., Ltd. High power deep UV light in the range from 300nm to 320 nm is the optimum wavelength range for a variety of phototherapies.

Even parasites such as Cryptosporidia or Giardia, which are extremely resistant to chemical disinfectants, are efficiently reduced. The Catskill-Delaware Water Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility, consisting of a total of 56 UV reactors treat 2.2 billion US gallons a day to serve New York City.

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