Step 3: Box SidesNow glue together the 4 outer sides of the main box using the base as a guide (make sure you don't glue the base though). Step 4: Lid AssemblyGlue together the lid just as you did the main box but the lid can be assembled all in one go. Step 5: Fit, Fill, Sand and DrillFit the lid, hinges, catches and glue the apron and support in place. Step 6: HolesDrill holes for the PSU connector, and for a cable to go from the box to the lid. Step 7: UV LED PanelsI've mounted everything except the LEDs on the copper side of the board to keep the LED side uncluttered.
Step 9: Negative and Positive Rail LinksNext solder on the links putting some insulating tube between the solder joints. Step 10: Soldering the Resistors (surface mount style)Put dogleg bends in the resistors wires. Step 13: Solder 1st LegThen place a block of foam rubber (or something similar) on top and flip over. Step 15: Finish the RowNow solder the other leg of each of the LEDs in this row and clip all the legs to length. Step 16: Solder LinksYou need to create a bridge at the end of each series of three LEDs to ground. Step 17: Test that BlockAfter you've completed every 3rd row you can test that block by applying up to 12volts to the board. Step 19: Make the Second PanelNow repeat the last 10 steps for the second panel, and fit standoffs to the six holes on each board.
Step 22: Glass and FoamCut some thick foam rubber (about 1 inch thick) to the same profile as the shelf.
Step 23: Assembly and WiringFit the lid, its hinges, the toggle catches and the LED panels.
Step 24: Final AssemblyFit the shelf, foam and glass assembly and the glass lid and its hinges and check that everything still opens and closes smoothly.
Step 25: TestingYou may want to check everything is OK by hooking up a bench PSU and turning the voltage up slowly.

How to build an Ultra Violet Exposure box using LED's.Your last Veroboard project!A UV exposure box is an extremely useful piece of kit. This is a 16 chip integration module, and place aluminum alloy heat plate as part (aluminum cooling plates can be applied to other products).
3.It can be widely used in disinfection, water and food processing, medical devices, polymer curing, security, military communications and other fields. Jedna sa o original UV led diody, ktore vyzaruju svetlo v UV spektre vlnovej dlzky 360-420 nm. Since the factory established in 1997, our company have got constantly development through unremitting efforts, and the factory will continue to expand. The standard configuration is two eight parallel LED with 8 parallel LED series, regular size 25x21x5mm, can also be customized according to customer needs. We have advantages of reasonable price, fast delivery, quality assurance and wide variety of goods.
It can also be used to make other things such as intricate photo etched parts (a subject for another instructable). Switch mode power supply's are far more energy efficient than most other types and are also very stable.All the other parts and materials are easy to find. Collected advantages of exquisite technology and experienced talents, we are committed to further researching and manufacturing, to create a new LED world. We sincerely hope to cooperate with the merchants in home and abroad and to create a better tomorrow.
The trouble is they can be a little pricey for the hobby enthusiast especially if you want the double side type. Moje skusenosti su tie, ze pre narocnejsiu dohladavku je najlepsie obycajne ziarovkove svetlo a ked lovec nevie najst postrelenu zver ani s tymto svietidlom, tak bud nema skusenosti a nerozumie tomu, alebo tam pomoze uz iba skuseny farbiar! In recent years, the company has invested hundreds of millions of capital in automatic production lines. This instructable outlines the construction of a double sided UV exposure box using the recent generation of high brightness UV LEDs.Why use LEDs?LEDs are far more energy efficient than either incandescent or fluorescent lamps offering between 5-10 times more efficiency making them cheaper to run and kinder to the environment. Bezne pouzivane UV svetla su dobre na overovanie pravosti bankoviek, dalej na zvyraznenie ludskych sekretov, ako moc a spermie, atd.

With the improvements of automation, the company will develop stable and trend a better future. LEDs have a far greater life span than the other types of lamp measured in decades rather than months. I've included all the CAD drawings and schematics as metafiles so they're easier to read when you print them out.
The frequencies being emitted are also in a tighter band making UV LEDs safer than the traditional UV tubes. There's also just something cool about LEDs, I can't put my finger on it, but ever since I was a kid I've found them to be one of the more fascinating electronic components.Is there a disadvantage to using LEDs?Not really, however the UV exposure box I have detailed here is a little less powerful than the commercially available ones. This means that your exposure times will be around 2 ~ 3 minutes as opposed to 30 ~ 40 seconds, but come on, do you really need your PCB's to be produced that quickly?
If you connect more voltage, they'll attempt to conduct infinite current, which results in the Magic Smoke(TM) leaving the LED (burning out). If one of the rows has a lower voltage drop than the others (and since they're inequal, there will always be a row with the lowest drop), the voltage across the whole circuit will be equal to the drop of that row. Then that row will conduct all the current that was meant for all the rows, because the others don't conduct anything at all.
When you start soldering use your continuity meter for every solder joint to ensure there are no short circuits between adjoining rails. If necessary do a practice circuit of 2 vertical blocks (of 3 leds each) on scrap board to make sure you have continuity working between blocks.
Place temporary unsoldered leds in the 3 corners, ie., other than the corner where you are soldering the first led.
Then place the board on an even flat surface with the temporary leds facing down, whereupon they act as stabilizing legs.

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