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September 16, 2015: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) said that it has developed a deep ultraviolet (UV) LED with 265nm wavelength and with continuous light emission.
NICT has been successful in developing deep UV LED by using aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate instead of sapphire substrate, which NICT had used earlier. However, the existing AlN substrates have very low light extraction efficiencies and very high refractivities. Feel assured we only sell high quality 100 10mm UV LED 11000 mcd at the best prices around.

The new UV LED will, hopefully, realize a portable sterilizer and virucidal system, and is expected to create a new market for medical diagnosis and analysis.
AlN substrates help to cut down the number of crystal defects, if compared to sapphire substrates. On the light extraction surface of an AlN substrate, NICT developed a pattern by putting together two-dimensional photonic crystals and nanostructures, which led to improved light extraction efficiency by 196%. Viel mehr bietet die Haargalerie Ihnen die MA¶glichkeit, die Kunst zu betrachten und dabei vielleicht eine Tasse Kaffee an der Bar zu genieAYen. UV LED are known also as ultra violet which emits a beam that is not seen by the human eye very well.

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