Free UK Shipping* on all Items Excluding Highlands and Islands and Event Tickets And Hires! The LED Shadow is a 3-channel DMX blacklight in a sleek and slim case that provides all the function of larger units in a much smaller package. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

A slimline and easily portable UV cannon, the Slimline UV LED Par Ultraviolet Light Effect is ideal for travelling DJ's, parties and theatre groups for ultimate UV lighting. Traditional UV cannons are big, bulky and consume lots of power; the UV Slimline Parcan LED cannon has been developed to rival these and at just one tenth the size and with a power consumption of just 30W this slimline UV Cannon is ideal for travelling DJ's, acts and theatre groups. With a wide number of lighting effects including fade in fade out, static, brightness settings, sound to light strobe and sound to light pulse, this UV Parcan is simple and cost effective making it excellent for parties, clubs and even club entrances where ID or money may need to be checked.

The LED Shadow will bathe a 20ft by 20ft area in UV light, has a power output for daisy-chaining, and draws very low power due to LED technology.

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