To clean and debur edges of the primochill acrylic tubing, you can use hand file or medium grit sandpaper. Place reamer on flat surface, hold it in place, apply pressure while twisting or rotating tube clockwise or counter clockwise*between three blades, then flip reamer upside down and repeat for inner diameter.
Hold the tubing around 4" above the heat, and keep rotating the Acrylic tubing over the heat. Spent past several weeks learning how to build and operate our new website while waiting for hardware and fittings to arrive.
The kind folks at Corsair were generous to sponsor this project with new Force GS SSD 240 GB and two 16 GB packs of Dominator DDR3 to utilize in our build.
Lots of changes have happened at Mnpctech since my last update which had taken me away from the workbench.
This retails for $80 AUD but I got one off ebay for $40, a smooth linear design provacative of the Apple Magic Mouse.

My entire motherboard + GPU has been painted with AC Ryan Black Magic UV paint, I used to use sharpies and highlighters to colour in my components, but after using the paint, I would never go back.
Heres the update pics from the weekend after installing all of the hardware, including SSD, psu and power connections.
Paint some of the components with florescent paint and then put some UV lights or UV LEDs in the case. I have never been particularly impressed by Corsair's products, apart from their memory.
The build quality is top notch and the aesthetics are fantastic (if you are a fan of the color scheme). I have found in my case that UV LED's are only really good for spotlighting features, and because of this, I have removed them. The closest you are going to get to red, is a dark orange (see the paint on my NB heatsink).

80 x 80 x 170 mm) These measure 70mm in diameter and made from Borosilicate glass, so they're scratch resistant!
As for lighting, I was thinking those UV LED strips at PPC, because I hate cathodes and having to hide the inverter, but if they are really better I will get em. Just regular paint that drys white or a color is really cheap like $20 a quart invisible paint is about i think $80 a quart..
Now, I have seen people like put paint or something on the tops of their capacitors on their mobo and on other stuff.

3m super 77 spray adhesive sds
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