As the advanced version of the DX5 head, DX7 head stands for the better reliability and stability. We put high precision photo printer in production for years, and this series of printer is very mature and stable. DX7 mocro piezo print technology can show not only the excellent printing quality, but also the durability to the Eco-solvent inks. Not only can meet the demand of regular printing,but also accepts the special order of super-wide size to expand the business range.Super-Wide inkjet printer can use in textile and other special fields,and the precision of micro piezo heads is much better than common solvent printers. Lamplic Science Co., Ltd is located in Futian district, Shenzhen city, specializing in UV LED (ultraviolet light emitting diode) light sources and Pulse light sources.

Besides smaller ink droplets and better consistency, the working life of DX7 print head has been improved dramatically. The heating system and hot air drying system which can now easily print on flex banner and diversify media. It doesn’t need to be adjusted for several times and dairy maintenance is quite easy and can be learned quickly.
After years of hard work, our firm has already become a professional photoelectric technology company, integrating development, manufacture, sales and after-sales service.
The DX7 is much more durable than DX5.A-Starjet 7702L UV equipped with two highly efficient DX7 print heads, and it is proved to have 15% print speed increasing.

Currently, Lamplic Science with hearty employees and great R&D ability cooperates with scientific research institutions of colleges. We have developed and produced high power pulse UV radiation systems, LED UV point radiation systems, multi-wavelength LED UV radiation systems and photon medical treatment systems. They are widely used for UV disinfection, LED photon medical treatment, pulse UV water treatment, vegetable processing, air handling and sewage treatment.

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