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Widely used in packaging containers, bottles, caps sterilization, surface sterilization of food, food production line, cosmetics line air sterilization, sewage, drinking water disinfection. LED TaoYuan specializing in the development,production UV flashlight,bright UV LED flashlight,high power LED flashlight,aluminum UV LED flashlight.TY all of our products by High power LED UV 365nm,375nm-385nm,395nm,405nm, products using 6061-T6 aircraft-grade magnesium alloy case,high capacity 3000mA lithium-ion battery,the top of the configuration to ensure that the products of high quality. UV flashlights is widely used in: fluorescent penetrant testing, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, fluorescent leak detection, Criminal Investigation detection, UV curing, archaeological research, mineral test, jewelry appraisal.
I’m really interested in upgrading my two sided exposure box to this kind of solution, but i have a doubt. Has anyone figured out where the Electrolitic capacitor (2200uF and 30v recover) is fitted?

Looks like that is the working voltage of the capacitor, of course higher is fine (just not lower). Check the cavity treatment, skin treatment, environmental surfaces antivirus, air disinfection.
These LEDs have narrow ray (+-10 degrees), it helps to get sharp shadow on photoresist even if photomask is not cling to the PCB very tight. That transparent box, although cool looking, makes me think you are asking for eye cataract. Normal glass usually absorbs too much of UV radiation, although I’m not sure if this is a problem around 400nm, or only for shorter wave lengths. After some tests, it worked awsome with Positiv20 as with pre-sensitized PCB boards that i had at home.

Because the current on which these leds( uv ultrbright 7000mcd – 400nm) operate is 20mA at 12V. LEDs mounted close to each other, so it provide well distributed light even with small deepness of box.

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