The versatile Spectroline E-Series lamps are a key component of the Spectroline CM series and the CC-80 UV cabinets range. Aqua Ultraviolet uses only the highest quality hard quartz that allows for 99.9% UV transmittance rates. The quartz sleeve protects the lamp from the water and keeps the lamp working at its optimum temperature. Available today, the new 20 watt and 26 watt Germicidal UV Bulbs compliment the existing 15 watt lamp.
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Hi Andy, there is a small amount of UVB emitted, although the concentration of light would be approximately 254 nm UVC.
For the 26W version, how much of the rated wattage is actually consumed by the bulb and how much by the circuitry? I suspect that if the entire lamp fixture (bulb, built-in ballast, etc…), pulls 26W total then bulb itself represents only a percentage of the 26W.
Applications range from surface, water, and air sterilization.  The combination of their compact size, self contained ballast, and standard E26 household screw base allow for a multitude of uses from air duct sterilization to custom sterilization applications of laboratories. Also, the lifespans of CFLs, like other fluorescent bulbs, can depend a lot on the type of ballast used especially if it is cycled on and off a lot.

Combination wavelength lamps are available extending the range of applications that are possible.

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