Long wave, hand held, portable model for detection of fluorescence of stamps and tagging on currency or phone cards. All microorganisms can be effectively destroyed by UV light in the 200-315 nm region, resulting in their loss of ability to infect humans, animals, food and plants. Savings on space and reduced maintenance costs, as no chemicals are introduced into the water. The UV section of the electromagnetic spectrum is compounded by three main wavelength ranges) UVc,UVb,UVa,( which have different effects on the DNA, RNA and proteins within the pathogen’s cell. UV light also induces photochemical reaction in proteins, enzymes and other molecules) in the range of 240 and 280 nm) to ensure complete destruction. Research work and accumulated experience suggest that UV medium–pressure lamps cause permanent and irreversible inactivation of faecal bacteria like Escherichia coli. Treatec21’s UV technology uses medium-pressure lamps and amalgam lamps, combined with a state-of-the-art quartz reactor providing an highly efficient and a high-density radiation profile which ensures permanent and irreversible inactivation of all relevant pathogens, including Escherichia coli.
Today, modern wastewater plants are designed using close pipes rather than the traditional open channel systems, while due to environmental considerations the use of contact tanks is no longer necessary.
Closed-loop systems save floor space, prevent algae growth, protect the operators and enables flexible flow design and operation.
The UV lamps incorporated in Treatec21‘s system are positioned perpendicularly to the flow ,forcing the microorganisms to pass through the area of lamps close to or in the high intensity zone. It’s inner structure is based on quartz tubes with a special configuration that trap the light by using a mirror effect. This unique effect of the structure enables to increase the density in the field of radiation and therefore achieving higher efficiency of the reactor. The system includes UV intensity sensors mounted onto the lamp arrays, thus providing measured intensity values. The energy control unit enables to receive the required UV dose with the lowest energy input. The system includes an automatic cleaning mechanism to prevent fouling of the quartz sleeves.

The AOR is an efficient reactor consisting of high intensity medium pressure ultra-violet lamps, housed in an advanced optical reactor providing a reflective surface that traps the UV light and increases the effectiveness of the AOP. Advanced oxidation process is a novel technique to produce hydroxyl radicals by direct photolysis of hydrogen peroxide under UV radiation. The hydroxyl radical (HO*) is among the strongest oxidants found in nature and in the “chemist’s toolbox”. Shellac manicures are virtually the same thing, however Shellac comes in a very limited color selection. It’s very important to find someone who knows the proper way to apply Gelish (or shellac).
One thing that is important is to have the polish professionally removed with the soak off gel remover. Cost of Gelish or Shellac Manicures varies by location, and I have found many deals on Groupon or other deal sites. The glitter in the picture is certainly “Vegas Nights” my favorite glitter over an cream!
Save yourself the frustration and utilize a curing dryer lamp with UV bulb to quickly and effectively dry your nails after they are completed. Ultraviolet technology offers a proven and accepted, environmentally friendly method for wastewater purification. Whereas exposure to the same medium-pressure lamps cause also permanent deactivation of pathogenic E.
In order to increase the process effectiveness, a medium-pressure lamp whose spectral output matches the absorption characteristics of the H2O2 is used. In order to maximize the reactors efficiency, the incoming water is pre-filtered and circulated via a reservoir.
Each layer is dried using a UV or LED light, and drying times take only 30 seconds to 2 minutes for each layer (LED lamps dry much faster than UV lamps). The nails should NOT be roughed up prior to application, or else it will take months (literally) for the nails to grow out and be repaired.

My first application lasted 10 day (of the 21 days) and i applied it wrong (got some on the skin almost peeled of the entire nail _lol). With a gel manicure this step is even more essential, as the UV light bulb is important for the manicure to set. If complete mineralization is achieved, the final products of oxidation are carbon dioxide and water. The manicures last a minimum of two weeks, or longer if you can handle outgrowth of your nails. The nail is cleaned and prepped (filed, cuticles pushed back, buffed), cleaned with a Gelish cleanser and the bonding agent is applied.
I absolutely love my Gelish manicures because I don’t worry about chipping my nails, and I know they’ll look great for a minimum of two weeks!
For those who prefer to do their nails at home rather than head to a salon, you can enjoy the benefits of a curing dryer lamp as well.
After each layer applied, your nails are dried under the UV or LED lamp for the appropriate time. The nail must be soaked with the removal gel for 10-15 minutes and then removed with a cuticle stick in order to not damage the nail itself.
I love Love love it (not super fond of all the colors (they can be decieveing) the Pink (gossip girl ithink) is perfect! These lamps are available from a selection of reliable sellers on eBay, and are found in a range of prices and qualities. A UV replacement bulb for the lamp is also readily available, making maintenance on your unit simple.

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