Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. ACE14 is the place to be this June, with thousands of water experts descending on the beautiful city of Boston, Mass for the annual conference and exposition.
This year Aquionics will be demonstrating UV technologies for municipal and industrial water treatment applications.
Added to that will be the Pearl line of UV-LED disinfection systems – the first of its kind. Palintest will be demonstrating its new water and environmental testing kits aimed at rural communities, in addition to some exciting news related to US EPA approval of sensor technology for chemical testing. By utilizing its 30 years of UV market experience and by partnering with key technology specialists, Aquionics has revolutionized the UV industry and deployed a new line of mercury-free, UV-C LED products – the Pearl brand.
Aquionics also sells and services UV disinfection equipment in the municipal and industrial markets and has hundreds of installations all over North America.
UV water treatment and ultraviolet (UV) We offer home and commercial UV water treatment systems and UV lamps. For example, electrolysis systems should measure and record water conductivity or salinity, water temperature and total residual oxidant concentration at discharge.

Slough, UK — Hanovia recently sold its first UV system in Canada for pool water combined chlorine destruction.
Novotel’s flagship Saigon Centre hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has recently installed six Hanovia UV systems for service water treatment. With the addition of the Bactest Speedy Breedy SeaSure to our portfolio, we will be able to provide owners a rapid tool to validate ballast water treatment that our system is working,' Riggio said.
Ultraviolet light technology effectively purifies your water, protecting you against viruses, bacteria, and intestinal protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. These ultraviolet disinfection systems destroy pathogenic microbes by delivering concentrated amounts of UV light energy (at the germicidal wavelength at 254 nm) to the reproductive mechanism of the microbe. As usual Aquionics will be there with some exciting new UV disinfection technology to show off. As well as its existing UV range for municipal water and wastewater treatment and reuse, the company will also be talking about its brand new Amaline system. Working with consultants, cities and municipalities, as well as with the biggest names in food, beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, pools and leisure, the company has gained valuable insights into its customers’ requirements and specialized applications. The UV systems kill any microorganisms from the incoming city water supply, leaving it good enough to drink.

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The company will be at Booth 1752, along with its Halma sister company Palintest, a specialist in water testing. A highly compact, low pressure, high output (LPHO) multi-lamp UV system, Amaline packs a powerful punch despite its small size, with the highest lamp power density of any similar-sized system. The PearlAqua is a mercury-free, low power UV-C LED disinfection unit for low flow applications. This enables Aquionics to offer not only the most technologically advanced UV systems, but a complete product portfolio for all markets.
Added to that, new patent-pending hydraulics create a rotational liquid flow, ensuring extensive mixing of the fluid and optimal disinfection performance while minimizing head-loss. The Pearl Sense is a UV-C LED transmittance monitor available in a handheld battery powered model and in-process model for open channel installation or direct placement into a pressurized pipe.

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