Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. 1.Our jlt-mr16 ceramic metal halide lamp makes use of curved fly eye lens, which offers comfortable lighting and effectively prevents UV radiation. 2.The metal halide lamp comes with advanced ceramic bulb and high light efficiency, long lifetime and high color rendering. 3.The use of unique reflector cap design and advanced coating technique, guarantees high reflecting rate up to 90% and accurate light distribution curve.
4.The ceramic lamp base is firm, durable and non-ageing, with excellent insulating property.
5.By use of GX twist-lock lamp base, the ceramic metal halide lamp provides easy replacement and reliable optical correction.
The ceramic metal halide lamp is typically used in cosmetics counters, jewellery and watch counters, shop windows, exhibition halls, pubs, as well as other places for outdoor decoration. We are a ceramic metal halide lamp manufacturer with over 19 years of experience in this field.
Special treatment on electrode and quartz tubes to make lifetime longer and improve UV light output.
Highly efficient 12v LED bulbs for use in motorhomes, caravans, boats, stables, sheds, barns and anywhere you have a need for 12v solar lighting.
We have chosen these 12v LED bulbs due to their high efficiency, high output design as the ideal solution to all of your 12v solar llghting needs.
These 12v LED bulbs produce virtually no heat, making them Ideal for use in outbuildings such as stable blocks and barns where there are flammable materials such as hay and straw.
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1.Our jlt-par ceramic metal halide lamp makes use of curved fly eye lens, which makes the light spot evenly distributed and effectively prevents UV radiation.

3.With superior light source, the lamp offers high light efficiency, high color rendering index and long life. 4.The use of unique reflector cap design and advanced coating technique, guarantees high reflecting rate up to 90% and accurate light distribution curve. 5.The ceramic metal halide lamp requires no protection cover, and thus provides easy replacement. The ceramic metal halide lamp is extensively used in super stores, shop windows, hotels, special stores.
CNLIGHT is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ceramic metal halide lamp, based in China.
We at CNLIGHT welcome you to try our products, and we are certain that you will be satisfied with your purchase. As an experienced hid ballast producer and provider, CNLIGHT also provide UV lamp, metal halide lamp, LED lighting, automotive lighting, energy saving lamp, and many other products.
The ceramic metal halide lamp is commonly used in shops, special stores, shop windows, pedestrian malls, offices, and other places.
Remarks (engineering products): Commercial lighting, industrial lighting, shopping mall lighting and road lighting. As a specialized ceramic metal halide lamp producer and provider, we at CNLIGHT also provide light fixture, LED spotlight, LED desk lamp, and more. The table lamp uses high quality tri-phosphorus fluorescent light, which emits natural light with color temperature of 6,000K. Designed in simple, elegant style and in well-matched, fresh and bright colors, the dimmable lamp can create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for you. Due to our consistent dedication to product improvement in line with international standards, we have received the ISO9001 certification. This abundant experience teaches us how to manufacture high quality products like LED lighting, metal halide lamp and UV lamp, etc.

Since our inception, we have been designing and producing UV lamp, LED down light, light fixture, and many other products.
The quality getter ensures it is clean inside the jlt-g12 ceramic metal halide lamp and the lamp has long life. Integrated housing design enables the metal halide lamp to endure higher temperature and better photoelectric properties.
Our patented two-segment electrode structure helps result in reduced exchange of inside and outside substances, and thus, longer life and high stability. The ceramic metal halide lamp makes use of high strength, anti-UV glass bulb, to ensure minimum discoloring and strong shock resistance. By use of pure copper lamp base, the metal halide lamp provides super electric conductivity and eliminates poor contact. The ceramic metal halide lamp offers compact structure, optimized design and maximum lumen output. As a result, our ceramic metal halide lamp is adopted in places like Britain, Russia, Singapore, etc. Due to reliable performance and competitive prices, our ceramic metal halide lamp is well received by customers from Britain, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius and other countries.
With no interface, the lamp has least chances of air leakage and is not likely to burn out.

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