Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. A Wood’s lamp examination is a test that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to look at the skin closely. Wood’s lamp is a simple and safe device which emits Ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 320 and 400 nm with a peak at 365 nm. Loss of pigment from the skin is the hallmark of vitiligo which can usually be easily seen by the naked eye in dark skinned people. Wood’s light can be used to detect vitiligo at a very early stage for pre-emptive treatment. Vitiligo Treatment info covers information and news about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Vitiligo, a skin disorder. Visible light and UV light are specified by their wavelength in "nanometers" which is 10-9 or one billionth of a meter. Ultraviolet A (UVA 315-400nm) is used for low energy UV polymerization reactions in the bonding and curing of various materials, and is also used in non-destructive fluorescent inspection methods. Ultraviolet B (UVB 280-315nm) is used along with UVA for polymerization and since it is the most energetic region of natural sunlight, for accelerated light aging of materials Photons in the UVB (280 - 315 nm) contribute to bulk cure. Ultraviolet C (UVC 100-280nm) is used for rapid surface cure of UV inks and lacquers, and is also used in the sterilization and germicidal processes and applications, the most energetic of the wavelengths used in UV curing. Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV 10-200nm) Vacuum UV can only be used in a vacuum, however, they have very significant commercial importance.
Although UV is classified as invisible light it is commonly referred to as "light" because it conforms to the optical rules of visible light. As frequency increases, a point is reached in the electromagnetic spectrum where photons have enough energy to power photochemical reactions. Visible Light (400-700nm) is also subdivided with different colors being associated with different wavelengths, as shown in the diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum. 3.When Gallium halides are mixed with the Mercury, the Gallium ( "V" ) spectrum is produced.

UV LED lamp main products include 3mm, 5mm round, uv LED lamp colors are UV 365-370nm ,370-375nm ,380-385nm ,385-390nm ,390-395nm ,400-405nm ,405-410nm wavelength, etc..
Woods light can be used to detect vitiligo at a very early stage for pre-emptive treatment.
It may however be very difficult to appreciate in fair skinned people because the difference in color of normal and abnormal skin is hardly any. Photons in the UVC are important for surface cure and promote surface properties such as hardness, stain resistance, and abrasion resistance. As is well know from Moore's law, microelectronics can address smaller and smaller dimensions. This lamp has a characteristic purple hue, due to the location of most of its output in the violet region (400 - 425 nm) of the visible spectrum. There are a number of organic compounds which absorb in the UV region and which have the chemical capabilities to use this energy to promote a photochemical reaction. The Mercury spectrum output has a series of peaks distributed throughout the UV spectrum and is used as a general purpose lamp. The Iron lamp is used in applications which require curing of a thick layer of UV material.
The most common photochemical reaction is photosynthesis - where green plants absorb visible light photons from the sun and convert carbon dioxide and water to carbohydrates. The choice of the right output spectrum is very important for successful curing applications. This is because the lamp output very closely matches a cure window in the coating formed by the absorption of the photoinitiator and the transmission curve of the white Titanium Dioxide pigment. It is being used in dermatology since 1925, and examination under woods light can be useful in the diagnosis of many skin conditions like infections, and pigmentary disorders like vitiligo.
Since there is less or no epidermal melanin in the vitiligo affected patches, it can not block the light emitted from deeper layers of the skin. For convenience sake, the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum is specified by wavelength.

Not only must the lamp output match the absorption spectrum of the photoinitiator, but the effects of pigments and other additives must be taken into consideration.
Strong output in the UVC region makes the Mercury spectrum the lamp of choice where surface cure properties are very important.
Chlooramines worden gevormd vanwege de reactie tussen chloor en ammoniak (of ureum), welke door de badgasten worden uitgescheiden. In general terms, the thicker or more heavily pigmented the UV curable layer is, the longer the wavelength should be. An example is Indium halide which has a strong output peak in the 440 - 460 nm (blue) region. De chlooramines veroorzaken de zogenaamde "rode ogen", irritatie van de huid, de karakteristieke zwembad geur en ze worden verondersteld kankerverwekkend te zijn. Woods lamp s hence helpful in the diagnosis of vitiligo, especially in the fair skinned people. When other additives are mixed with the Mercury fill, the output spectrum of the lamp changes dramatically. Bij meerdere geplaatste systemen in gemeenschappelijke zwembaden werden reducties van gemiddeld 50% in chloor consumptie bereikt zonder een verslechtering van het baterie getal in het water.
De reductie in concentratie was zelfs beduidend hoger dan 50% vanwege de afbraak van de gevormde chlooramines door de UV installatie en vanwege de geringere aanmaak van chlooramines door de lagere chloor concentratie. Een bijkomend voordeel van de verlaging van de chlooramines is een reductie in de veroudering van de materialen in en rond het zwembad. Lenntech kan enkelvoudige installaties leveren met een behandelingsdebiet van 400 m3 of minder.

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