Reflect ultraviolet and near-infrared emitted from a lamp and permeate the visual spectrum. The performance of this coating relies on the quality of low-particle, high-transparency and low-Haze. This filter is also available in 1.25 inch diameter shown lower left on this page (70,432 bytes).
The filter is made with a disc of transparent optical glass that has been ground plane parallel to within thirty seconds of arc, and then polished until very smooth. When looking through this filter while holding it parallel to the human eye the filter element appears completely transparent.
The filter element is housed in a machined aluminum cell, and held in place by a thread-in retaining ring. Stays cool and will not shatter if subjected to great thermal stress, since even intensive radiation is not absorbed as with ordinary "heat protective Filters" such as KG-3 or KG-5.
For for daytime or astronomical digital or film imaging it improves the quality of star images. Because of it's high ninety eight percent average transmission across the visible spectrum, this filter can be used with with any size or design of amateur telescope with no perceptible loss of brightness.
The glass elements used to make the Baader Filters are free of striae, optically finely polished plane parallel to within 30 seconds of arc. Stackable filters: each filter cell incorporates both a male and a female thread to allow stacking the filters to obtain even narrower passbands or special effects. The filter cells features the largest clear aperture of any 1-¼ and 2 inch filters on the market - for complete freedom from vignetting at any focal length. Surface granulation shown with 800 CCD frames stacked with IRIS astronomical images processing software. The colors were added afterward basic image compiling and processing for aesthetic purposes.
The optional wood case is foam lined with cutaway spaces for filters, eyepieces and other small accessories for your telescope.

Een infraroodfilter van Leica voor het objectief voorkomt eenvoudig en doeltreffend deze effecten zonder dat de kwaliteit achteruitgaat. Bij het plaatsen van een review maakt u automatisch kans op een cadeaubon ter waarde van € 100,-. Omegon.eu bietet Ihnen eine verschlA?sselte Bestellabwicklung sowie viele verschiedene Zahlungsweisen.
And it will provide improved results when used for CCD imaging particularly when combined with another filter such as the Contrast Booster or Solar Continuum filters. The glass undergoes a vacuum deposition coating process where numerous micron-thin coatings of various elements are applied one upon another in a precise order and thicknesses.
When tilted, depending on the angle of tilt and lighting, it will then appear to have a greenish or magenta toned antireflection coating. The filter name, size and part number are in silver, and this mirror like print when combined with the small print size make this information difficult to read in low light or under dim red lighting. Energy is reflected due to an elaborate interference system of twenty three dielectric coating layers. Notice how little effect it has in the visual spectrum of 400 to 700 nm, while blocking the UV and IR light (132,179 bytes). These thread patterns have been tested and optimized to fit allmost all eyepieces on the market.
The front crown of the cell incorporates milled notches which makes handling and threading the filter an easy operation in the dark.
We are astonished however, that as outstanding as the filters are, plastic case latch tend to fail sometimes even when new. Please refer to our price list for current prices for the filter set and the optional case or contact Company Seven for more information. Includes filter transmission curve graphs for the filter alone, and when combined with the Baader Contrast Booster filter too. Dit is ook de reden voor een verhoogde gevoeligheid voor licht met een lange golflengte (infrarood).

Bovendien worden ook de storende UV-stralen eruit gefilterd en wordt de frontlens van uw objectief doeltreffend tegen beschadigingen beschermd. The coatings are calculated to transmit desired wavelengths (portions of the visible spectrum), while simultaneously rejecting other wavelengths.
Company Seven recommends our customers keep these filters in well organized accessory cases, so one can know which filter is which. These filters tend to far supersede the quality of common color filter elements which are flame polished. Throughout the year, but especially in cold climates when static become more of a problem we particularly recommend the use of a Staticmaster brush. Place a few drops of an approved lens cleaning solution (by Carl Zeiss or Kodak) or mild soap solution of clear dish washing liquid diluted with distilled water onto a cotton swab. Antireflex-Schichten zur Verminderung- und dielektrische Schichten zur ErhA¶hung der Reflexionen.
The combination of their fine optical craftsmanship and a comparatively thin 2 mm profile allows these filters to be inserted anywhere into the optical path without introducing astigmatism or other noticeable defects into the image. And for the most discriminating clients, we even offer a custom made wood accessory case described below. For instance they can be installed in the front of a Binocular Viewer without degrading the image in any way. Sie filtern damit die gefA¤hrliche UV-Strahlung heraus, die zur LinsentrA?bung des Auges beitragen kann. Der Filter ist ein muss bei einem Herschelkeil, doch auch bei der Beobachtung mit Objektiv-Sonnenfiltern (z.B.

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