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Lamplic Science Co., Ltd is located in Futian district, Shenzhen city, specializing in UV LED (ultraviolet light emitting diode) light sources and Pulse light sources.

Please pay attention to MD varnish in some paper lack of folding resistant coatings, stamping performance. After years of hard work, our firm has already become a professional photoelectric technology company, integrating development, manufacture, sales and after-sales service.
While the UV energy, Please adjust UV energy to ensure proper curing in order to printed surface not fully back to stick and extinction. Currently, Lamplic Science with hearty employees and great R&D ability cooperates with scientific research institutions of colleges.
We have developed and produced high power pulse UV radiation systems, LED UV point radiation systems, multi-wavelength LED UV radiation systems and photon medical treatment systems.

They are widely used for UV disinfection, LED photon medical treatment, pulse UV water treatment, vegetable processing, air handling and sewage treatment.

Uv underwater lights limited
Nail uv lamp fuse diagram

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